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Informal video conference of employment and social affairs ministers, 9 June 2020

2020 June 5

Brussels, 2020 06 05

Ministers responsible for employment and social affairs will meet, via video conference, for the third time since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The meeting will be focused on the EU recovery. Following the exchange of views of 5 May 2020 on the emergency economic measures put in place and the demographic challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ministers will now discuss ways in which national employment and social policies can be made more robust and labour markets more resilient. 

Marcos Muro, Deputy Minister for Employment and Youth of the Basque Government, has sent the regional Governments the data prior to said “informal meeting” (by video conference) of Ministers of Employment and Social Policy of the Council of the EU that will take place without the Autonomous Communities representation held by the Basque Country and scheduled for the suspended meeting of the EPSCO Council scheduled in Luxembourg on 11 06 20.

As has happened in the previous meetings of March and May, the physical representation of the Autonomous Communities, which the Basque Country holds this semester, has not been possible, so the Minister of Employment and Social Policies Beatriz Artolazabal will not be able to detail the summary of the two Common Positions that the Communities have elaborated and agreed for this meeting: "Demographic Challenges" and "Long-term care - Reconciliation of family and work life".

Ministers will be sharing ideas on the use of flexible working arrangements proved during the COVID-19 crisis, such as remote working, flexible working hours, and innovative ICT technologies. They will also discuss the benefits of such arrangements for the economy and society in the long run.  Ministers will then share information about their plans regarding upskilling/reskilling, in the changing context in the world of work caused by COVID-19 and in light of the ongoing digital and green transitions. Ministers will also share their experiences with addressing the protection and promotion of gender equality, especially in relation to vulnerable groups affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Ministers will be informed about the ongoing European Semester process and the reviewed calendar for the 2020 country-specific recommendations (CSRs) in the context of COVID-19. Lastly, the upcoming German presidency will present its priorities and work programme in the field of employment and social affairs for the next six months.


COVID-19 outbreak and the EU's response (background information)

European Semester (background information)

Meeting n°VC-EPSCO-090620 9 June 2020 15:00




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