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Vitoria is named European Green Capital 2012 during this year’s European Green Week

2011 May 20

The Basque Government Delegation in Madrid attended the opening of European Green Week 2011, which took place today at the offices of the European Commission in Madrid. Also present were representatives of Vitoria-Gasteiz City Hall, who officially unveiled Vitoria as European Green Capital 2012

Vitoria-Gasteiz, European Green Capital 2012: Vitoria-Gasteiz has been awarded the status of European Green Capital 2012 thanks to its ambitious plans regarding climate change, air quality, greenbelt areas, water consumption, waste management, energy efficiency, sustainable urban planning, parks and gardens, cycle paths and public transport. However, the biggest thanks must go to the city's residents, whose commitment and passion have made Vitoria-Gasteiz not just green on the outside but green all the way through. For more information visit

As well as supporting Vitoria's candidature for European Green Capital 2012, the Basque Government has made a strong commitment to a model of sustainable growth for the Basque Country. At present, the region is involved in preparing its 3rd Programa Marco Ambiental (Environmental Framework Program - PMA) 2011-2014, which looks ahead to 2020 and aims to make progress in protecting the environment, improving quality of life, taking action against climate change, protecting biodiversity and promoting the responsible consumption of natural resources by companies, public administrations and citizens.

European Green Week 2011: Spain began its celebration of European Green Week 2011, which will take place from the 24th to the 27th of May, with a ceremony in Madrid that included the official unveiling of Vitoria-Gasteiz as European Green Capital 2012. The presentation was given by Miguel Virizuela, the Director of the Department for the Environment at Vitoria-Gasteiz City Hall. The objective of today's ceremony was to create a single event at which those present could find out about the proposals and opinions of the public administrations, NGOs, industry, consumers and other stakeholders regarding the effective use of resources, and to provide some background to the slogan for Green Week 2011: "Use Less to Live Better".

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