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The Basque Government embarks on a technological mission in the US with Basque cybersecurity companies

2020 February 21
  • The BCSC and a total of 18 Basque companies will be at the leading global cybersecurity event at San Francisco to showcase their capabilities and position the Basque Country as an ideal place for cybersecurity and entrepreneurship in the sector
  • Minister Tapia will visit the Microsoft Headquarters, in Redmond, to contrast the comprehensive Artificial Intelligence strategy that the Basque Country is preparing
  • The trip will end in Boston where the agenda will be focused on the ecosystem and bio-project financing formulas, related to gene and cell therapy
  • The mission will also be an opportunity to meet with Basque professionals who are working and living in California

A business and institutional delegation, led by the Basque Government’s Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia, has travelled to the United States to attend the RSA Conference, the global cybersecurity event, in San Francisco.

The mission will take place between 21 and 27 February and will address other technological aspects, in addition to cybersecurity, linked to Artificial Intelligence and to biotechnological research and industrial production. Meetings have been planned in Redmond (Seattle), San Francisco and Boston.

The Basque Government is structuring a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence strategy, which will be contrasted during an all-day technical session (today) at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

Furthermore, the institutional delegation, whose members also include the Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness, Estibaliz Hernáez, and the General Manager of the Spri Group, Álex Arriola, will visit the Grifols premises in San Francisco on 24 February. On 27 February, they will continue to focus on the biotechnological and pharma field but on the East Coast, specifically in Boston, which boasts the leading bio ecosystem of the United States.

Given that California is home to top-tier business group and major multinationals, on Monday 24 February, the Minister will meet with a group of Basque professionals settled in the US who are working in companies with great technological potential.

In any event, the mission has been organised around the RSA Conference in San Francisco, the main cybersecurity event worldwide, which twenty or so Basque Companies will attend and where the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) will host an international event on Tuesday 25 February.

Global cybersecurity event, the reason for the business and institutional mission

Capitalizing on the RSA Conference, the most important cybersecurity event worldwide that is held in San Francisco (US) every year, and building on the success of the previous year, with delegates from Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Qatar and Israel), North America (US and Mexico) and Europe, the Basque Cybersecurity Centre (BCSC) is hosting a session on 25 February, at which the Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia, will be present.  The aim is to showcase the maturity and excellent prospects of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem.

The event will start with an introductory panel, “Cybersecurity – Priority in Industry”, with Patrick Miller (industrial security and infrastructure advisor at Archer Security) as the moderator and where the speakers will be Arantxa Tapia, Lisa Carrington (Director -  IT Planning & Governance at Arizona Public Service) and Del Rodillas (Director - ICS/OT Industries Product Marketing at Palo Alto Networks).

The following panel, with Gorka Sadowski (Cyber Research Director for Infrastructures at the Gartner Group) as the moderator and entitled “Basque cyber bridge to the US”, will consider the success stories of  CounterCraft, narrated by  Daniel Brett (CSO and founder) and of Bayshore Netwroks, told by Toby Weir-Jones (Chief Product Officer).

That panel will be followed by input from RKL Integral, OpenCloud Factory, Ironchip and GlobalCybcar, as companies with a disruptive technological profile that exemplify the potential of the Basque cybersecurity ecosystem.

Twelve other Basque cybersecurity providers – S21sec, Entelgy Innotec, Versia, Veoci,   Tecnogam, Wise Security Global, Osane Consulting, Hdiv Security, Ikerlan, Panda Security, Redborder and Tecnalia – will also be there to endorse the session.

Ironchip and Globalcybcar will also be taking part in the International Pitch Competition organised by Bwtech@Umbc (University of Maryland Baltimore Country). Last year, the Basque company Enigmedia took third prize competing against companies from Israel, Sweden and Australia, among other. Another Basque company, Alias Robotics, was also a finalist.

The Basque Country, leading cybersecurity entrepreneurship

The Basque Cybersecurity Centre and its strategy to showcase the Basque cybersecurity market internationally, continues to bear fruit as shown at the start of this year when Javier Diéguez, the centre’s director, was appointed by the European ECSO as co-director of Work Group Number 2. This appointment has helped to put the Basque Country in the international spotlight, in order to position it to attract investment, and thus demonstrate that it is an ideal region to set up companies related to this sector and where the strong industrial ecosystem plays a key role in the appearance of new opportunities.

Furthermore, special mention should be made of other Basque Government backed initiatives, such as the launch of the fourth BIND 4.0 programme, which seeks to develop new technology projects driven by start-ups and leading international companies, the deployment of the  Basque Digital Innovation Hub, by the BCSC in conjunction with members of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, and the Industrial Cybersecurity Grant Programme that distributed over a million euros among 207 manufacturing companies.


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