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300.000 young people will enjoy the new advantages of the Basque Government “Gazte Txartela” (Youth card) in the Basque Country

2019 November 27
  • Free, offers discounts on trade and sports, cultural and recreational activities
  • Incorporates the Youth Holster Card to access a wide international network
  • The travel assistance insurance is free and valid worldwide
  • Minister Mrs. Beatriz Artolazabal has encouraged young people “to use it as a key to success in the many doors that will go through social activities and great youth mobility in Europe”
  • More than 6 million young people from 36 European countries have the European Youth Card

Bilbao (Basque Country) 2019 11 27

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies, Beatriz Artolazabal, presented this morning the news for the dissemination of Gazte Txartela, or Youth Card that, from now on, will receive free of charge at home all the young people registered in the Basque Country (Euskadi in original language) between the ages of The 14 and 29 years. In a few weeks, more than 300,000 cards will be sent five times their current number. In addition to the current benefits and discounts, the new Gazte Txartela incorporates the Youth Holsters Card with which you can access a wide international network.

Currently, about 60,000 young people have the Gazte Txartela. Gazte Txartela is the young card that manages the Youth Department of the Employment and Social Policies Department of the Basque Government as the only Basque “young card” approved at European level and included in the European Youth Card Association (EYCA), Association of European Youth Cards.

Together with Mrs. Beatriz Artolazabal, the Vice Minister of Employment and Youth Marcos Muro and the Director of Youth, Agurtzane Llano, participated in the presentation. In the act, developed in the Grafit Rock Kafe of Indautxu, in Bilbao, together with young people from the Novia de Salcedo Foundation, and other schools. Gazte Txartela is also the International Youth Hostel Card, so with it its owners can stay in any hostel included in the international network.

Mrs. Artolazabal has commented with the young people who have attended the presentation various issues related to the new card and encouraged them “to use it as a key to success in the many doors that they will go through in their lives, especially in social activities and in youth mobility registered by Europe”.

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