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The First "Merkalan" Employment and Training Fair was visited by 5,490 people

2019 November 1
  • 5,000 interviews; delivered 4,991 Curriculum Vitae
  • Borja Belandia: “Lanbide has managed in a practical and referential way its new line of support and advice on employment”

VG 2019 11 01

5,490 people have visited the various business and employment promotion stands. On October 21 and 22, the I Merkalan Employment and Training Fair and the II International Employment Congress, Organized by the Basque Government, were held at the Kursaal Congress Center in St Sebastian.

Borja Belandia, general director of Lanbide, Basque Employment Service, considers that “the first experience of the Merkalan Fair of Employment and Training has been frankly positive since we have exceeded objectives. The most important; it is that direct contact channel that we have opened between job seekers and bidding companies. The Fair has involved unemployed people and others who wanted to improve their work. In addition, Lanbide has been there in a practical and referential way with its new line of support and advice on employment”.

The hundred stands of various companies that offered jobs of various qualifications recorded 754 interviews by appointment, the attendees delivered 4,991 resumes and 3,981 more interviews took place outside the agenda, since the exhibiting companies took more than one person to conduct interviews Therefore, its possibilities of attention to interested persons were significantly expanded.

The percentage of positions by occupational group has been for offers without qualification 7.08%; for operators, machinery installers, and assemblers 3.75%. For qualified positions in industry and construction 10.83%, for offers related to the primary sector 0.42%.; for job offers related to the hospitality, commerce, security, and other personal services sectors 14.17%, for administrative jobs 48.33%, for positions for senior and middle graduates 17.50%; and for positions for graduates above 37.50%.

Next year, the III International Employment Congress and the II Employment and Training Fair organized by the Employment and Social Policies Department of the Basque Government will be held at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. Last year it corresponded to Vitoria-Gasteiz. In addition to the 5,490 people who have participated in the Merkalan Fair, nearly 200 followed the interventions that international specialists offered in the congress hall on the future of employment

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