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The Basque Government to showcase its climate crisis measures at the UN Climate Summit and the New York Climate Week

2019 September 23
  • From 23 to 29 September, the US city will be at the epicentre of the climate action debate, at an event that expects to bring together governments, civil society, organisations and companies from around the world to encourage compliance of the Paris Agreement 
  • The Basque Government’s Deputy Minister for the Environment, Elena Moreno, will run through the main objectives of the future Climate Change Act of the Basque Country in front of an audience of over 600 business and political leaders 
  • The Climate Summit and the New York Climate Week are the prelude to the Chile COP to be held in early December

Elena Moreno, the Deputy Minister for the Environment, and Aitor Zulueta, the Climate Change and Natural Heritage Director, are heading the Basque Government Delegation travelling to New York today to take part in the Climate Week and the UN Climate Summit. These two unmissable dates will measure the governments’ commitment to slowing down global warming and will analyse the progress regarding compliance of the Paris Agreement.

The first event on Deputy Minister Moreno’s schedule will be on Monday 23 September, when she will be taking part in the UN Climate Summit. The Secretary General, António Guterres, has called on all leaders to come to New York with realistic and specific plans for 2020, following the guideline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% in the coming decade and to zero by 2050.

The Basque Delegation’s main event will be on Tuesday 24 September, when the Deputy Minister for the Environment will present the main climate crisis challenges for the territory, along with the messages in the future Basque Climate Change Act, which is currently in the pipeline. The presentation will take place in The Hub, a high-level forum that will gather together 600 business and political leaders from around the world, as part of the Climate Week events organised by the The Climate Group.

On 25 and 26 September, bilateral meetings are planned with different regional governments at the headquarters of the Basque Government’s delegation in New York. Those meetings will be dedicated to exploring shared climate action lines of work and will stress the important role of regional governments regarding the climate crisis as facilitators for states to comply with major international agreements and as drivers of local and municipal policies and actions.

In the run-up to the Chile COP 25

The UN Climate Summit and the Climate Week are being held just two months ahead of the COP 25, i.e. the twenty-fifth Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, which will be in Santiago de Chile from 2 to 13 December this year.  Its slogan is “Time to Act” give the need for all the countries to increase their commitments to keep global warming under 1.5 ºC.

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