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Vitoria Industrial Air Park takes off

2011 March 22

Aena, the Basque Government and the City Council sign an agreement to create the Vitoria Industrial Air Park (VIAP)

Foronda will be a benchmark airport for new investment projects. The site selected for the initiative will cover an area of 933,835 m2, of which 54 ha will be occupied by the industrial park. Two sections of the site will be devoted to activities related to air transport. Aena has invested almost 50 million euros in readying the facilities at Vitoria-Gasteiz Airport and making it a better proposition for the development of logistics activities in the aeronautics sector. Sprilur, a public company set up by the Basque Government, will invest 60 million euros in developing the Vitoria Industrial Air Park, which will become the home of companies of a highly innovative and technological nature. The City Council has committed itself to facilitating the land-zoning procedures and acquisition of construction licences.

A special celebration took place today in Vitoria to celebrate the launch of the Vitoria Industrial Air Park (VIAP) project. Aena, the Spanish Airports and Air Navigation Authority, in collaboration with the Basque Government's Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism (through the public company Sprilur) and Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council have signed a series of agreements committing themselves to the joint creation of a logistics-development centre for aeronautical activities at Vitoria Airport.

Present at the signing, which took place today at the offices of the Basque Government, were Bernabé Unda, the Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism; Juan Ignacio Lema, the President of Aena; and Patxi Lazcoz, the Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The agreements involve the development of a site covering a total of 933,835 m2, of which 54 ha will be occupied by the industrial park. The project's aim is to develop an industrial park that offers high-quality infrastructures and flexibility in terms of construction in order to attract companies that have a strong technological focus to their business activity, particularly those with ties to the aeronautics industry. The site will also be an attractive proposition for companies in the industrial and services sectors that export large quantities of goods and require an industrial airport nearby.

The new facilities will occupy two areas: one located outside the airport (the industrial-logistics park) and one inside, to facilitate the development of a centre for commercial and industrial activities related to air transport and services for airport users.

Integrated into the greenbelt

The terms of the agreement also cover the construction of an arterial road that will cross the entirety of the development, from the current airport entrance via the N-624 to the A-3302 inter-regional road. Provision has also been made for a defensive hydraulic structure to protect against flooding by the River Zayas; the defences will be built in collaboration with the Basque Water Agency (URA). Measures will be taken to protect the left bank of the river in order to preserve the biodiversity of the area and a park will be created that will become part of Vitoria's greenbelt.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sprilur will invest 60 million euros in the area, of which 37 million will be earmarked for the opening phase. Over 20 million euros have already been made available for necessary initial investments; the money was transferred to the Strategic Project Fund by the Basque Government last year. Moreover, Sprilur, via its own commercial network and that of its parent company SPRI, will bring clients and assist with their transfer to the industrial park.

For its part, Aena has invested almost 50 million euros in projects that have been undergoing implementation since 2004 and activities that are planned up to 2014. Its aim is to improve the facilities of the airport and bring it fully up to date, creating an infrastructure specialising in the transport of goods and a hub that will generate economic activity.

By signing the agreement on the shared development of land both inside and adjoining Vitoria-Gasteiz Airport, Aena has cemented its interest in strengthening Foronda as a centre of commercial and industrial air-traffic activity. The organisation hopes that the facility will become a benchmark airport that will act as a magnet for investment projects in the surrounding area.

Vitoria City Council has committed itself to facilitating the land-zoning procedures and acquisition of construction licences, and will also carry out the necessary modifications in planning terms to hasten the progress of the project.

The signing of this agreement represents the unlocking of a process that was first proposed over a decade ago, but left unresolved. Setting the VIAP in motion is evidence that the Basque Government still considers logistics to be a key factor in increasing competitiveness and ratifying its strategic objective of making the Basque Country an international benchmark for logistics.

The agreement will remain in force until all the activities listed under its terms have been fully implemented.


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