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Basque Government committed to strengthening the technological environment with its network of innovation and technology centres

2019 April 3
  • The Lehendakari stressed that the Accenture Centre is rooted in fertile ground and enriches the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy.

  • Iñigo Urkullu emphasised that the Basque Country is progressing in the direction of innovation and digitalisation

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier and accompanied by the Basque Government's Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia, attended the opening of the ACCENTURE Centre, an Industrial X.0 centre. 

During his speech, the Lehendakari highlighted the Basque Government’s commitment to strengthening the technological environment with the network of innovation and technological centres.  “We are an attractive Country where to invest and to innovate,” he added. Iñigo Urkullu thus underlined the capacity, as a Country, to generate a motivating and attractive economic ecosystem for people, to attract and retain talent, to foster new opportunities for entrepreneurial and trained individuals. “We are talking about investment, technology and innovation centres, but in reality, we are talking about people,” he explained.

The Lehendakari stressed the importance of the opening of the Accenture Centre. According to Iñigo Urkullu, this centre symbolises the outcome of a job well done, showcases the value of cooperation and working together. Furthermore, he stressed that the opening of this centre is proof that progress is being made in the right direction, the direction of innovation and digitalisation, the direction of the advanced services and industry of the future. “This Centre is a boost, a reminder that we must continue to work together, investing and supporting the real productive economy,” he explained.

The Lehendakari described the Basque Country as an industrial country with a calling to be even more industrial. “During the last five years, we have invested together and we have managed to provide the Basque economy with the stability and confidence that fosters the implementation of those projects,” he nuanced.  Therefore, the Lehendakari believes that this new Centre, an infrastructure focused on digitalisation in an innovative Country, is rooted in fertile ground and enriches the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy.

According to the Lehendakari, applied technology, cybersecurity and smart specialisation are the contents that the Accenture Centre is going to promote. “Innovate, digitalise, reinvent are the verbs conjugated in this new Centre,” he explained. In this regard, Iñigo Urkullu indicated that the desired and expected objective is to achieve industrial quality, competitive improvement and generate wealth and employment.

The Basque Country has an industrial culture and a network of competitive companies, which shares an Innovation, Technology and Science System and embraces a smart specialisation RIS 3 strategy.  The Lehendakari therefore believes that the institutions must guarantee the confidence and stability required to continue to grow as a country. “This is our commitment,” he stressed.


Accenture contributes to the transformation and digitalisation of society, with a special focus on organisations working in training and skills-building of people who are particularly vulnerable with regard to employment. Therefore, they combine human ingenuity with the most innovative technologies to help people prosper in the digital economy, by means of services in strategy, consultancy, digital, technology and operations.

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