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The First Lego League to be played in the Basque Country

2011 March 3

Young people between the ages of 10 and 16 build and program a Lego robot

Innovation, science, creativity and teamwork are the cornerstones of the First Lego League. An international championship in the form of a sports event that fosters a vocation for science and technology amongst young people. The focus of this year's team-based competition is on the challenge of biomedicine. The competition is divided into four phases. In the first phase, participants must design a scientific project by identifying a problem related to this year's topic, biomedicine. The second phase is the technical project, where participants must document the difficulties they encounter in designing and programming their robot. In the third phase, the robot competition, participants must build a robot from a Lego kit, whilst in the fourth, and final, phase participants demonstrate their ability to work in a team by presenting an outline of how each phase was completed.

Bilbao has been chosen to host the Spanish final of the First Lego League, which takes place on the 12th of March. Thirty-two teams from around Spain, approximately 300 young people, will gather in the University of the Basque Country's Paraninfo hall to compete in this competition using their ingenuity, creativity and knowledge of science and technology to convince the jury that their creation deserves to be amongst the winners. The winning teams will be invited to participate in the World Festival, which takes place in April in St. Louis (United States), or in the European Final in Eindhoven (Holland).

Five Basque teams have qualified for this final: Lauro Ikastola from Biscay, Axular Ikastola from Donostia, the team from Leintz-Gatzaga, the Salle Berrozpen team from Andoain and the Ikastola Arizmendi team from Mondragon.

Members of the Mondragon team represented the Basque participants during the presentation that took place this morning in the University's Paraninfo hall. Sponsors of the event and representatives from the University were accompanied by the Vice-Minister for Innovation and Technology, Juan Goicolea, the Vice-Minister for Universities and Research, Pedro Luis Arias, and the President of Innobasque, Guillermo Ulacia.

Innovation and the development of science and technology play a fundamental role in the advancement of today's and tomorrow's society; therefore, the Basque Government, via Innobasque, supports events for young people that combine learning and fun.

All those who participated in the presentation highlighted that initiatives such as these represent a great opportunity to arouse curiosity and interest in the world of science, innovation and technology amongst today's schoolchildren: the engineers, researchers and innovators of the future.

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