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The Lehendakari stresses that the Basque Country is “a country open to the world and committed to innovation”

2018 October 15
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  • Iñigo Urkullu maintains that industry is the driver of the Basque economy and, therefore requires committed, skilled and qualified people

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, the Basque Premier, accompanied by the Basque Government's Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures, Arantxa Tapia, opened the European Powder Metallurgy Congress – Euro PM2018. 

During the opening ceremony at the BEC in Barakaldo, the Lehendakari referred to the Basque Country as an "innovative and manufacturing industrial country that is at the cutting-edge of technology”. He went on to explain that industry is the driving force of the Basque economy and, therefore, requires vocation and talent. “The main demand for labour comes from industry and requires committed, skilled and qualified people,” he added.

The Lehendakari stressed the permanent evolution and adaptation process of metallurgy in the Basque Country. “This is a country open to the world and committed to innovation,” he pointed out. Thus, the Lehendakari explained that the Basque Government's goal is for exports to account for a third of production.

Furthermore, the Lehendakari clarified that the Basque Country is committed to a model of supporting companies. “We have the Basque Industry 4.0 partner programme for the digitalisation of our manufacturing economy,” he pointed out.

The Lehendakari ended by stressing the cooperation between the public administration and the private company, along with the partnerships with the University and technology centres.

Euro PM2018 Congress

The Euro PM2018 Congress was recently opened in Bilbao and its trade show set up over 5,000 m2 where more than 100 companies from the supply chain will be exhibiting.  A record number of presentations - up 30% - has been confirmed and the Congress will therefore offer one of the most dynamic and important technical programmes so far.

Thus, there will be nearly 80 technical sessions at the Euro PM2018 Congress, which will help to show how the different powder metallurgy areas are creating substantial advantages for the components and processes in which they are involved, including additive manufacturing, functional materials, hot isostatic pressing and metal-injection moulding.

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