Minister Artolazabal: "Salzburg has not fulfilled the social demands of sub-state governments and countries of the EU to define a common strategy of democratic promotion in Africa"

2018 September 22
  • "A democratic promotion is needed in sub-Saharan countries that generate the main migratory flows and an economic and social investment that promotes sustainable development
  • "The CoR-Committee of the Regions will discuss migration in October, it can make positive advances"

VG 2018 09 22

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, considers that the European summit held this week in Salzburg, Austria, "has not fulfilled the social demands of sub-state countries and governments of the European Union to define a policy and strategy common democratic promotion action in the various sub-Saharan countries that generate the main migratory flows; and economic and social investment in them to promote sustainable development and prevent their people from abandoning them in search of a more dignified life ".

The European Union has avoided this week discussing the issues that most divide countries in migration matters, such as the distribution of refugees, and has focused on cooperation with Africa, during the informal summit held today on which it was addressed for the first time the idea of ​​reinforcing Frontex.

"The Austrian meeting discussed the proposal to strengthen the European Border Guard with 10,000 more police by 2020 and to extend its mandate. The motives of these migrations have not been studied in depth: the absence of democracy in certain countries, the extraction of their natural wealth by companies or foreign powers, and the depopulation of those countries whose youngest population seeks new forms of a dignified life. when in their land they could develop a sustainable life" said Minister Artolazabal.

"It's not about justifying oneself with specific economic donations. A thorough strategy is needed to solve the situation at the source. This is how we have transferred him from the Basque Country to European Commission and CoR´s Presidents, Juncker and Lambertz. In addition, we have made several proposals that coincide with those of other regions and sub-national governments of the Union" said Beatriz Artolazabal.

Sailburu (minister in basque language) Artolazabal recalls that "Regions and Countries will discuss the issue again in Brussels at the summit of the CoR-Committee of the Regions in October; it can make positive advances".

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