The Basque Country to share approaches with the European regions at the ENCORE Conference that is focusing on the circular economy, climate and ecosystems

2018 September 20
  • The Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe – ENCORE is being held in the Danish city of Herning between 20 and 22 September, with 27 regions from 13 countries taking part. 
  • During the week, around 50 young people from the participating regions, including two from the Basque Country, will come together at YouthCORE, a forum in the run-up to the official event and which will produce a proposal to act as the basis for the discussion by the regional ministers attending the conference.


From 20 to 22 September, the Basque Government’s Ministry of the Environment will be taking part in the Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe – ENCORE to share approaches and propose common strategies on the three themes at the centre of this year’s event: the circular economy, climate challenges and ecosystems.

During the discussion panels, the regional representatives will analyse the amendments to the European waste directives passed last May as part of the European Union’s Circular Economy packages.  As regards ecosystems, they will pool knowledge and experiences to improve the management of areas of high ecological interest, as is the case of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in the Basque Country.

Furthermore, the regional leaders will look for areas of common ground and a common position of the European regions regarding climate change, in the lead up to the COP24, the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in Poland in December.

The Danish city of Herning, in the Central Denmark region, is hosting the 13th ENCORE, a conference which is held every two years. Around 140 regional environmental representatives and other political leaders belonging to 27 regions of 13 different countries will be taking part. The aim of the Conference is to generate discussion, share approaches and put forward common strategies regarding the EU environmental and sustainable development policies and legislation.  The regions will also submit experiences and best practices as the starting point to foster interregional cooperation.

Two young people to represent the Basque Country at YouthCORE

During this week, and in the run-up to the official conference of ministers, around 50 young people from the participating regions, including two representing the Basque Country, are meeting to discuss the proposal that they will be put to the political leaders and which will be the basis for future decision-making.

YouthCORE was established at ENCORE 2014 held in Baviera with the aim of actively involving young people in the environmental debate and in the environmental challenges facing the regions. It seeks to harness the innovative approaches of young people as a source of inspiration for political decision making.

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