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The Basque Government presents a set of proposals to respond to the migration challenges in the Basque Country (Euskadi), Spain and Europe

2018 September 19


  • The Basque Country proposes to Europe "SHARE", a social work key to share the responsibility of reception, based on three parameters: tax revenues, population and unemployment in each territorial area.
  • The Basque Government exposes to the Spanish Government a "work agenda" to give a priority response to regularized immigration, to refugees, to migrants in an unregulated situation, MENAs (minors) and JENAs (young)
  • In the Basque Country a Basque Social Pact for Migration will be promoted based on solidarity and co-responsibility

VG 2018 09 19

The Basque Government has presented a document adapting its strategy to the new migration challenges. The Department of Employment and Social Policies and the Secretariat for Human Rights, Coexistence and Cooperation have worked together to establish an inter-institutional, orderly and supportive response system for migratory reality. The presentation of the new document is intended to "improve" the response. For this, it offers a battery of proposals "at all levels": Basque Country (Basque Social Pact for Migration), Spain (work agenda) and European ("Share Proposal", of co-responsibility).

The document was presented at an information breakfast held this morning at the Lehendakaritza headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz by the Vice Minister of Social Policies, Lide Amilibia; the Director of Family Policy and Diversity, Ernesto Sainz; the General Secretary of Human Rights, Coexistence and Cooperation, Jonan Fernández; and the Director of Victims and Human Rights, Monika Hernando.

The Vice Minister Mrs. Amilibia explained that "migratory movements represent a situation that requires a response at all levels of competence. It is a phenomenon in which the realities of people in different situations (refugees, asylum seekers, MENAs, JENAs, and economic migrants) are mixed". She has specified that "the migratory challenge is not alien to the demographic challenge" and has emphasized that "the most prosperous countries in the world are those that have better known how to accept and integrate migratory flows and that have better known how to promote intercultural coexistence and interreligious in her breast". The document presented today morning  is structured in two parts: "Share Proposal" and Shared Work Agenda.

Europe: "Proposal Share"

The "SHARE Proposal" consists in agreeing on a concrete mechanism so that the distribution of the responsibility in the reception and integration "is shared". The Basque Government will present this proposal to the CoR-European Committee of the Regions, whose meeting will take place on October 9 and 10 in Brussels. This suggestion from the Basque Government bases this formula on three parameters: fiscal revenues, with a weight of 50%; the population, with an incidence of 30%; and the unemployment rate, with 20%.

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