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Minister Beatriz Artolazabal: "The challenge is for the elderly to live in the best conditions, without dependence, as long as possible and with comfort"

2018 September 14
  • The Project 'Active Look-Detecting situations of loneliness among the elderly', from the City Council of Bilbao, 'Good Practice Award in friendliness Euskadi Lagunkoia'
  • Inauguration of the second edition of the Conference 'Good European Practices in Friendliness' in the capital of Euskadi
  • Presence of Alex Kalache, former director of the Department of Aging and Life Cycle of WHO and ideologist of the movement of friendliness and and Angélique Giacomini training and research manager for the Francophone Network of Age-Friendly Cities (FNAC)

VG 2018 09 14

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, said today that "21,7% of the Basque population is 65 or older and that percentage will not stop growing in the coming years". She also said that "the great challenge is that the elderly can live in the best conditions, free of dependency situations, as long as possible and with the appropriate comfort. The "networks of friendliness" play a decisive role".

Today, Beatriz Artolazabal inaugurated next to Peio López de Munain, deputy mayor of the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Deputy Minister of Social Policies Lide Amilibia and the director Emilio Sola, the 2. Conference of 'Good European Practices in Amigability' that the Basque Government has organized at the Europa Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

"In the program of friendliness, older people are the protagonists of a process of generating well-being that will revert in our daily life. In addition, they will demand a more rational recovery of public spaces, of relations between citizens, of the transfers of care: of all those small things that make everyday life in the city or in the town a bit more human and more satisfying for all, "explained Sailburu Artolazabal (Minister in basque language).

The objective of this Conference has been to know innovative and creative experiences that serve as inspiration for the development of friendliness in Euskadi. "Here, at home, we already find examples of projects and initiatives that deserve to be recognized. For this reason, this year for the first time we have created an award: the 'Euskadi Lagunkoia Good Practice Award in friendliness', added Artolazabal.

The jury has decided that the Best Practices of Friendliness 2018 award will be for the project "Active Look-Detecting situations of loneliness among the elderly", from the Bilbao City Council.

In addition, they have awarded three accesit 'Good practices in friendliness 2018': to the project of empowerment of the elderly as participants and main agents in the 'Abadiño Lagunkoia' project of the associations St. Prudencio Nagusien Elkartea, San Trokaz Nagusien Elkartea and the rest of Volunteers from the Abadiño Lagunkoia group; to the project "Activate your neighborhood" of the Network of Sociocultural Centers for the elderly of the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz, in collaboration with several public services in the neighborhoods of El Pilar and Landaazuri, entities and private organizations and businesses; and the project "Healthy Walks of Antzuola Lagunkoia", with the collaboration of Euskadi Aktiboa, the City Council of Antzuola (Gipuzkoa), the Association of Retired Landatxope and the health center.



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