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Minister Artolazabal highlights "the work of the Euskadi Red Cross for social cohesion on the pillars of Youth labour inclusion and care for migrants in transit crossing Europe"

2018 September 6
  • Presentation of the Basque Red Cross Youth Employment Plan

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government ("Sailburu", in basque language), Beatriz Artolazabal, highlighted "the work carried out by the Basque Red Cross for social cohesion, especially on the pillars of youth labour inclusion and of human attention to migrants in transit who, Throughout this summer, they cross Europe".

Together with the president of Basque Red Cross, Iñaki Irusta, Aitor Allende, Nerea Melgosa, Cristina González, Marcos Muro and Amaia Arteaga, Artolazabal participated in a meeting to promote the Youth Employment Plan of the Basque Red Cross held in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

"If there is an activity in which these days I participate in a special way, with great enthusiasm and with special thanks to those who promote it, it is this one from the Basque Red Cross, dedicated to the labour and human promotion of girls and boys with risk of social exclusion "has indicated Minister Artolazabal.

"My congratulations and recognition to Basque Red Cross is double today: for that support to the Youth and for the work that, throughout this summer, Red Cross carries out with a magnificent work of attention to the migrants that cross Europe in Search for a decent life" added the Minister of Employment and Social Policies

Artolazabal explained that "there are hundreds of men and women of sub-Saharan origin who are assisted on their way through Europe and to whom Euskadi Red Cross, in collaboration with our institutions, provides food, bedding, clothing and communication, among other assistance. It is true that the passage of migrants in transit through the Basque Country is very small compared to what happens in other parts of the European Union. This phenomenon of migration involves all of Europe and therefore all states, countries and regions must attend to it in a unanimous and well planned manner. There is the Basque Red Cross fully involved in it ".

According to Artolazabal "thanks to the social interest of Euskadi Red Cross, a part of our youth is finding motivation, training and work through a program with results that exceed expectations. The Euskadi Red Cross labour inclusion program is aimed at a group that, from the Basque Government, we dedicate constant actions and initiatives as it perfectly matches our approaches and objectives".

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Politicians attending the event
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Other guests
  • Iñaki Irusta, Aitor Allende, Nerea Melgosa, Cristina González, Txomin Ondarre