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Trade Director, Juan Andrades, introduces "Hemengo Shopping" programme for the promotion of the local shops

2018 July 18

Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government has collaborated with bilbaoDendak, the platform for the commercial and tourist promotion of Bilbao, in the creation of three free guided routes that, during this summer will offer to tourist and the local public, a unique opportunity to learn the commercial reality of the unique shops of the village..

These routes form part of the initiative HemenGO SHOPPING, which brings digital promotion and premium guides that are distributed in the establishments under the motto 'Local is better', of the singular shops of Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastián and Vitoria -Gasteiz (

The routes were presented this morning in Bilbao by the Director of Trade of the Basque Government, Juan Andrades.

The director has highlighted the commitment of the Department for local trade: "And not only because it is our lifelong trade style, not only because it is the way of trade we grew up with and with which we want our daughters and our children to grow, not only because it is part of our culture and our way of understanding life, but because behind all this there are people, our neighbors, our friends. The commercial sector in the Autonomous Community employs almost 140,000 people, 140,000 stories. Almost 80% of the Basque commercial companies are formed by one or two people, and 97% are micro-enterprises, with less than 10 workers. Small establishments, big soul, that make up the Basque commercial fabric, the commercial fabric of our neighborhoods, towns and cities. It is, no doubt, our commercial model, a singular basque commerce".

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