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Here "ongi etorri" means welcome.

2018 July 20

The campaign "ongi etorri" shows Euskadi as a welcoming destination, Euskadi is a hospitable country, in which we have a varied offer that suits everyone," said Basque Tourism Minister Alfredo Retortillo.

The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Alfredo Retortillo, has presented a campaign with the claim "ongi etorri" (welcome). 

The "ongi etorri" campaign is aimed at visitors who are already here. "This is a first reception to those who have already chosen us as a destination, to influence the idea of a Basque Country as an open and welcoming destination, while also being unique with the promotion of the welcome greeting in basque language:" ongi etorri ". A reception that you will find while walking the streets .

In addition, the campaign also seeks to counteract negative messages towards tourism in Basque Country "that present us as an unwelcoming and crowded destination, after years of real problems and negative clichés that kept us out of the options of many visits. The Basque Country is a hospitable country that have a varied offer that accommodates everyone. "

The message "Here "ongi etorri" means welcome" it is showed in Spanish, Catalan, Galician, French, English, German, Italian and Portuguese, which are the main markets and the closest ones. 

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