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Minister Artolazabal explains Gina Riaño, Secretary General of the Ibero-American Social Security Organization (OISS), the social policies that are managed in the Basque Country

2018 July 11
  • 148 institutions from 22 countries are currently members of the OISS

VG 2018 07 11

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, explained this morning to Gina Riaño, Secretary General of the Iberoamerican Social Security Organization (OISS), the social policies that are carried out in the Basque Country. Gina Riaño visits these days the Basque Autonomous Community accompanied by Francisco Jacob, Deputy Secretary General of OISS and Carlos Santos, responsible for the Occupational Risk Prevention Area.

Together with the Vice Ministers Marcos Muro, Lide Amilibia, the general director of Lanbide Borja Belandia, and Rafael Hueso coordinator of External Relations of the Basque Government, the Sailburu (Minister in basque language)   Artolazabal has also explained the improvement and update process undertaken in Lanbide. The Iberoamerican delegation was interested in the competences of the Basque employment service and presented the objectives of the OISS, opening a possible collaboration with the Basque Country for the future.

Mrs. Gina Riaño was Minister of Labor and Social Security of Colombia (1999-2000) and Minister of Health. President of the Board of Directors of the Social Security Institute; General Director of the National Social Security Fund, Director and General Secretary of the National Institute of Transportation and Transit (INTRA). She has directed and participated in various research and studies on public policies and performance of security and social protection systems.

The OISS is an international, technical and specialized organization, created in 1954, in Lima (Peru), whose purpose is "to promote the economic and social well-being of Ibero-American countries through coordination, exchange and use of their mutual experiences in Social Security and, in general, in the field of social protection".

They are members of the OISS, governments and institutions that manage social security, social security, occupational health and safety and, in general, social protection regimes. Currently, 148 institutions from 22 countries are members of the OISS.

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