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Eroski and Ente Vasco de la Energía sign an agreement to promote electric vehicles

2011 February 3

• With the help of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), Eroski is to add electric vehicles to its home delivery fleet and install charging points in supermarket parking areas.

• EVE and EROSKI seek to improve energy efficiency in transport and reduce pollution in cities.

Bilbao, February 3rd 2011 - Today Ente Vasco de la Energía (Basque Energy Agency - EVE) and EROSKI sign an agreement to promote the introduction of electric vehicles in the Basque Country as a means to improve energy efficiency in transport.

In this agreement, EVE and EROSKI have agreed to cooperate in a project to promote electric vehicles, which includes the monitoring and evaluation of the use of electric vehicles and the installation of charging points for public use. EROSKI is to add to its fleet five Mercedes Vito E-Cell electric vehicles, which will be used to deliver to customer's homes goods purchased in selected EROSKI hypermarkets, supermarkets and online shops.

EROSKI will also monitor vehicle use and provide EVE with data on a quarterly basis to track the success of the incorporation of these vehicles.

EROSKI has allocated five reserved parking spots in its supermarket car parks for the installation of charging points to service Vito electric vehicles from EROSKI's own fleet as well as customer vehicles. The installation is to be undertaken by IBIL Gestor de Carga de Vehículo Eléctrico (Electric Vehicle Charging Management), S.A, of which EVE is a stakeholder. The first buildings to be equipped with charging points are the Indautxu, Bolueta, Barakaldo BEC supermarkets in Biscay, Ramiro Maeztu in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Arcco Amara in San Sebastian. The idea for the future is to have EROSKI supermarkets in the entire Basque Country equipped with charging points.

Leire Barañano, the director of the General Secretariat, a signatory to this agreement, explained: "Our commitment to the environment forms the basis of our social responsibility and this agreement with EVE is one step further in our desire to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment in which we operate."

EROSKI and respect for the environment

This agreement to promote electric cars forms part of the environmental policy established by EROSKI which, from the outset, has been firmly commitment to respecting the environment and constantly seeks for new ways to minimise the impact that industrial activities have on the environment.

Waste reduction in stores, minimisation of polluting emissions in transport, environmental management of supplier production, recycling, switching to environmentally-friendly packaging, specialised training for workers and awareness-raising campaigns for consumers - reusable bags, energy-saving measures in homes, etc - are just some of the environmental activities EROSKI has been engaged in.

The fleet of trucks responsible for distributing EROSKI goods uses route optimisers to reduce carbon emissions and the environmental impact of its lorries. This is a tool that plans, monitors and optimises all transport processes (departures, routes, times, kilometres...). The use of this innovative tool has allowed EROSKI to introduce elements of "eco-management" into its logistics and as a result the company has achieved a reduction, on average, of around 5% in number of kilometres, has saved over 5 million litres of fuel and avoided emitting 14400 tonnes of CO2 into the environment annually. Similarly, the fleet uses biofuels, which are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels.

EROSKI has recently implemented a home delivery service by bicycle, mainly for purchases from EROSKI supermarkets and online stores in the town centres of San Sebastian and Bilbao; however, this may be extended to other cities if the trial period proves successful.

Furthermore, EROSKI has recently been recognised as an official partner of the "Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign", an initiative launched in 2005 by the European Union and the most decisive action to have been taken by Member States to promote sustainable energy policies. The campaign serves to complement European legislation in energy matters and seeks to encourage and increase private investment in sustainable energy technologies, recognise good practices and promote alliances between world leaders in energy to generate new ideas and actions.

EROSKI's award-winning "EROSKI 360º Energy Efficiency" program has both an internal and external focus.

Internally, the cooperative has implemented a whole series of eco-efficient measures in stores that not only help to save energy but also make it possible to transport goods using renewable environmentally-friendly energies.

The implementation of eco-friendly measures in stores is evident, for example, in the store in the Gros district in San Sebastian, which re-opened in July after the installation of energy-saving measures and sustainable energy in transportation. After an investment of €1.8 million to revamp the store in Gros, EROSKI has achieved a reduction of 50% in energy costs in comparison to conventional stores and savings of over 200 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Externally, the program aims to educate consumers on sustainable energy consumption and provide advice on how to save on energy bills.

A whole range of actions form part of EROSKI's "Save Energy" campaign, including the launch of a website where customers can calculate potential savings in euros from different forms of energy consumption (heating, electricity, gas, transport...) as well as determine the amount of CO2 they emit, recommendations are provided on how to save energy, which has helped 150000 people monitor their energy costs, and Consumer Schools are run in all EROSKI hypermarkets under the slogan "Turn off the expenditure, turn on the savings", which have attracted hundreds of customers throughout Spain.

The consumer training program was launched in February 2009 with the aim of raising awareness about the price of energy and to provide customers with a tool to examine household energy consumption and to offer guidance on how to improve energy efficiency in their homes.

The electric vehicle in the Basque Country

In line with its objectives, EVE has developed a project to promote the introduction of electric vehicles in the Basque Country as a way to improve energy efficiency in transport and to generate new business opportunities in the automotive, electrical and electronic equipment sectors in the Basque Country.
One of the strategic objectives of the project is to achieve a critical mass of electric vehicles in circulation in the Basque Country to reach the market breakpoint as soon as possible and thereby make electric vehicles available to organisations and citizens of the Autonomous Region of the Basque Country
Similarly, through the recently founded company IBIL, Gestor de Carga de Vehículo Eléctrico (Electric Vehicle Charging Management), S.A, EVE intends to equip the Autonomous Region of the Basque Country with the infrastructure necessary to make electric vehicles feasible in terms of mobility.

About EVE

Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), the Basque Government's Energy Agency, has been charged with the mission of proposing the Basque Country's energy strategies in the areas of guaranteeing supply, cost competitiveness and sustainability. The agency also participates in implementing the strategies and helping to achieve their objectives.

In order to do so, it provides services to the Department for Industry, Innovation, Business and Tourism of the Basque Government in the areas of energy and geological and mining resources, launching activities designed to involve and encourage companies and institutions and to raise awareness amongst society of the criteria and values behind the strategies.

EVE has the ability to perform well thanks to its technical skills, commitment and leadership as well as planning and effective resource management.


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