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The Basque Government’s Minister for Education, Cristina Uriarte, appeared before the media after the Basque Parliament had passed the Vocational Training Law

2018 June 28

Minister Uriarte explained that this is the first Vocational Training Law of the Basque Country to be passed. The Minister also pointed out that it is necessary legislation and that it meets the needs of the educational system and the business world. She stressed that this legislation will meet the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “We have to respond to all the initiatives that have been implemented through the IV Basque Vocational Training Plan”, noted the Minister.

The Basque Parliament passed the Vocational Training Law, whose strategic aim is to boost dual training to improve employability and make companies more competitive. Structured in ten chapters, the legislation, submitted as a bill, is in line with the new needs of companies and employment and seeks to drive a model that has already been introduced in other more developed European countries, as set out in the explanatory statement of the legislative text. The Basque Country thus continue to consolidate its international and European position regarding cutting-edge vocational training and specialisation.

With a focus on dual training and combined with work experience, it is noted for a model based on integrated training, applied innovation and active entrepreneurship, including extending the Spanish-Basque bilingual teaching model, along with an emphasis on English and on the international aspect and outreach. The setting up of a higher-level body has likewise been contemplated for the planning and administration of VT which will oversee all public policies in that regard.

The collaboration and involvement of the public administrations will be fostered with stakeholders, vocational training centres, companies and universities in order to develop the VT combined model. A training programme focused on accessible employment for everyone regardless of their age, gender and personal or job situation. Thus, the Basque authorities will develop a framework of professional specialisations and qualifications to facilitate the adaptation to the specific needs of the Basque County’s production system, occupation and employment and the transformations that may affect them. 

The setting up of “specialised network nodes" in different sectors consisting of VT centres is likewise envisaged in order to immediately respond to the companies’ needs. An international campus will also be created to give impetus to the process to internationalise VT and international teacher and student exchange programmes will be established to pool experiences and foster learning. 

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