About "Euskal Kazeta", Basque News from the USA

2018 June 11

"Euskal Kazeta - Basque News" is a curiosity in the framework of the Basque media published abroad. It is a website rooted in the Basque community of California (one of the most important Basque communities in the United States) which is made up mainly by descendants of Basque emigrants from Navarre and Iparralde (the French side of the Basque Country). However, this link with the Pyrenean Basque Country does not leave out all the rest of the Basque presence in other states of the Union. An undeniable proof of that is the very editor of "Euskal Kazeta", the journalist Nancy Zubiri (a Basque from California, with an unequivocal Navarrese surname), author of the canonical "A travel guide to Basque America”.

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