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Añibarro: "The work that every basque youth does in the development cooperation of Africa contributes to raising awareness for a balanced and fair planet"

2018 May 24
  • May 25, Africa Day
  • Last year, ten youth basque woman participated in projects located in Africa

VG 2018 V 24

The director of Youth of the Basque Government, Ander Añibarro, estimates that "the work carried out every summer by Basque Youth in development cooperation, together with the Basque NGOs, contributes to an extraordinary social awareness to achieve a balanced and fairer planet". Tomorrow, friday, may 25, the World Day of Africa is commemorated. In this continent 10 basque youth woman made cooperation work last summer with training for women, health care, water purification and education.

"Not only in Africa, but also in America and Asia, our basque youth contributes to this social awareness through their work. This summer there will be another hundred young people from Araba-Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa (basque territories) who will be integrated into different projects during their experience as cooperators" details Ander Añibarro.

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