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Beatriz Artolazabal: "the European Social Pillar is an excellent base for redefining and updating Europe"

2018 May 8
  • "It offers citizens effective social rights, based on 20 fundamental principles: in the Basque Country we have made great strides"
  • May 9, Europe Day
  • "In the international role of the Union, the countries and regions contribute a lot"
  • "In the Basque Country we comply with the European Pillar of Social Rights, as well as other sub-national countries and regions of the Union"

Vitoria Gasteiz, 2018 05 08

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, considers that "the main objective of Europe is to build a more humane, social and sustainable society. This will contribute to an economic and balanced development of the Union. It's something that we all share".  

"The 9th of May is an important day for the reflection and definition of the immediate future of Europe", highlights Minister Artolazabal. "We have challenges such as globalization, the impact of new technologies on employment, or correct demographic management and care for the elderly, youth and children. We take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the successive social changes".

According to Artolazabal, "the European Pillar of Social Rights is an excellent basis for redefining and updating the Union: it offers citizens effective social rights, based on twenty fundamental principles. The Basque Country (Euskadi in the basque language), has already developed them for a long time; in many of them we have taken great steps ".

"The future of Europe is in our own hands and the relevance of the Union in the international scenario with these human and social principles will guarantee the sustainability of the planet in all areas: human, environmental, economic and cultural" said Minister Artolazabal.

"In the Basque Country we are complying with the European Pillar of Social Rights, as well as other sub-state countries and regions of the Union. It is about the social dimension of Europe and the transformations that must be observed in European society and its world of employment and social attention that require a collective response "Sailburu Artolazabal explained.

Artolazabal assumes "that commitment of 20 principles and rights: from the right to fair wages to health care; from lifelong learning, conciliation and equality to minimum income. The European pillar of social rights achieves for citizenship: equal opportunities and access to the labor market; Fair working conditions and Protection and social inclusion ".

The 20 social principles of the EU

Education, training and lifelong learning. 2. Gender equality. 3. Equality of opportunities. 4. Active support for employment. 5. Safe and adaptable employment. 6. Salaries. 7. Information on working conditions and protection .9. Balance between professional life and private life.10. Healthy, safe and adapted work environment and data protection.11. Assistance and support for children.12. Social protection.13. Unemployment benefits.14. Minimum income.15. Pensions and old-age benefits.16. Health.17. Inclusion of people with disabilities.18. Long-term care.19. Housing and assistance for the homeless; and 20. Access to essential services.


"In each of these principles the Basque Country is working and responding through our institutions, society and companies. Of course, there is a task ahead and that is why this 9th of May has to serve us to reflect and develop a united and cohesive Europe in which countries like ours have an important role" added Minister Artolazabal.


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  • 2018 May 9

    Europako Batasuna ez da Nazio Batasuna, baizik eta Estatu Batasuna eta hainbat Nazio "Batasuneko estatu azpiko eskualde eta herrialde" diren heinean eta bitartean Gizarte Eskubideen Europako Oinarria ez dago giza eskubideetan oinarritua.
    Nazioen erabakitzeko eskubidea kolonia izanaren baitan omen da onargarria... eta nire galdera: "kolonia" beste zein izenez izendatu eta ezagutu daiteke Estatu baten eraginez bere hizkuntza bereziaren glotofagiara eta desagerpenera beharturik dagoen Nazio bat?
    Gizarteari "benetan ardura zaiona" (panem et circenses) aipatzen da behin eta berriz, eta ondo dago "ogiaz" arduratzea, baina nire eta gure ardura izugarria ere ba da gurearen eta beste kultura berezien iraupen bermea.

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