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The Basque Government gives further impetus to collaboration between Basque stakeholders and companies working on neutron and particle acceleration

2018 April 27
  • Companies, gold standard technology and research centres and university research groups were invited to the meeting held today
  • The Basque Country has the highest concentration of manufacturing and engineering companies related to the neutron and accelerator sectors in the whole of the Spanish State

The meeting held today at the Zamudio Technology Park was an opportunity to hold a discussion forum and look for collaboration channels between the stakeholders with experience in the field of neutron and particle acceleration and large infrastructures.  University groups, technology centres and Basque companies from the sector were therefore invited to the event. 

Estibaliz Hernaez, the Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness at the Basque Government’s Ministry of Economic Development and Infrastructures, and Adolfo Morais, the Deputy Minister for University and Research at its Ministry of Education, led the meeting.  The participants were introduced to the new ESS Bilbao Director, Mario Pérez, who plans, among other projects, to drive forward the contributions agreed to construction the Lund spallation source (Sweden).

The following companies took part in today's meeting, which has been key for the sector's future work: Aernnova, Grupo Alcor, Antec, AVS, Cadinox, Celestia Technologies Group, Egile, Elytt, Fagor Automation, Idom, Ineustar, Jema Energy, Sener and Suprasys. The technology centres represented there were: Ceit, Cidetec, Ikerlan, Lortek, Tekniker and Tecnalia. And academia was represented by: Bcam, BC Materials, DIPC and several research groups from the  UPV-EHU.

In this sector, networking between companies, technology centres, research centres and university centres with the support of public authorities is essential.  The meeting was therefore an opportunity to foster that collaboration and cooperation, and open up new joint strands of work.

What is the Science Industry?

The evolution of the Science Industry (SI) sector is essential in any country that wishes to be at the forefront of innovation and capitalise on the investments in their scientific system.

The impact of the science industry on society goes much further than mere direct sales and market figures, as it has a far-reaching transforming effect on society as a powerful innovative driver.

 The SI is multi-technological and uses cross-cutting technologies such as mechanics and mechantronics, radiofrequency systems, cryogenic systems,  high and ultra vacuum, etc.

The European SI market is today estimated to be €9,557 million and the global one over €40 billion, with annual growth of 5.5%.

At state level, the SI is clustered together in INEUSTAR, the Spanish Science Industry Association, where 58% of the members are in the Basque Country. The Basque SI today represents 0.15% of the GDP.

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