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A delegation from the Department of Economics of the OECD visits Lakua to learn about Basque management in terms of employment, social affairs, energy and education

2018 April 9

VG 2018 04 09

A delegation from the Department of Economics of the OECD-Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, visited this morning the headquarters of the Basque Government in Vitoria-Gasteiz (BC Capital) to learn about the management carried out in the Basque Country in the field of employment and inclusion (social affairs) as well as various issues related to energy, education and economy.

 The OECD produces an economic report on each of its member states every two years. In 2018, it will publish the report "OECD Economic Survey: Spain 2018", which will analyze the economic situation, with recommendations in the areas of the financial sector, fiscal policy and inclusive growth. A specific chapter will deal with the analysis of the development of each Community. To gather information for this analysis, the OECD Economics Department team visited the Basque Country, meeting with representatives on innovation, productivity, employment, energy and education.

 Carolina Mateos Deputy General Manager in the General Directorate of Macroeconomic Analysis and International Economics (Mineco) has led the visit with Müge Adalet McGowan, David Law, and Juan Antonio San Millán, responsible for Belgium and Spain of the OECD, and Miguel Giménez de Córdoba, Economic Counselor before the OECD.

 Marcos Muro, Deputy Minister of Employment and Youth and Amaia Arteaga, Director of Employment and Inclusion, have detailed the management and objectives of the department on Employment and Social Policies. The components of the OECD have been interested in issues such as "population mobility for employment", "activation for employment", "RGI, novel in Europe by sharing aid and inclusion", and  the "Future projections for employment made".

 On the part of the Department of Education has been Adolfo Morais, Deputy Minister of Universities and Research, who has transferred the main characteristics of the Basque Educational System. The OECD team has shown interest in the keys in relation to early abandonment, the low rate of repetition, as well as the equity of the system. The dual training -both in relation to the Professional Formation (FP) and the university-, and the commitment to basic research of excellence have also been addressed during the meeting.

 Cristina Oyon, head of Energy Initiatives, has detailed to the OECD components her vision of the available energy resources and the policies followed in this matter in the Basque Country

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  • Müge Adalet McGowan, David Law, Juan Antonio San Millán, Miguel Giménez de Córdoba, Consejero Económico ante OCDE, Carolina Mateos Subdirectora General Adjunta en la Dirección General de Análisis Macroeconómico y Economía Internacional