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Artolazabal: "The Basque Country is internationally recognized as an environment of Advanced Management, with modern, well-managed companies, services and educational centers"

2018 February 8
  • Quality Innovation Awards
  • Distinctions to Osakidetza and Vizcaya College

  • "In our Country it is interesting and competitive to find suppliers, invest or establish alliances"

    Bilbao, 08 02 2018

    At the closing ceremony of the Quality Innovation Award, the Minister (Sailburu in basque language) of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, indicated that "with the presence and recognition of the Basque Government and its public services, we advance in the development of the brand “Basque Country”. We contribute to make the Basque Country an international benchmark for Advanced Management, with modern, well-managed companies, services and educational centers. Here it is interesting and competitive to look for suppliers, invest or establish alliances". Along with Artolazabal, Cristina Uriarte, Minister of Education and Universities, participated in the awards ceremony.

    The Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao hosted the delivery of the Quality Innovation Award. The day has had several conferences, stands with exhibition of the innovations of the finalist entities, and the ceremony with the assistance of the diplomatic staff of the embassies of the different participating countries.

    The Quality Innovation Award (QIA) originates in 2007 and was created by Excellence Finland to stimulate the emergence and development of product, process, and organizational innovations. Since then, organizations promoting the Quality, Excellence and Innovation of other countries, such as Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, China, Russia and Spain, have joined the Organizing Committee. through EUSKALIT and CEX. The objective is to increase the competitiveness of the organizations and participating countries.

    In her speech, Minister Beatriz Artolazabal highlighted "the main capital that a country can count on: talent and the ability to advance. We, as members of the EUSKALIT Board of Trustees, are pleased to participate in the organization, together with Excellence Finland, and with the support of Innobasque, Unibasq, CEX Centers of Excellence, and sponsorships of the Territorial (Foral) Council of Bizkaia, the Basque Government and of Iberdrola ".

    "Euskalit develops networks of collaboration and establishes alliances within and outside our borders, which bear fruit as important as this day. Today knowledge and good practices have been exchanged. Today, organizations and companies that are so different and distant have been contacted. We have the common objective of learning and sharing to improve ourselves, to be more innovative and competitive. We are proud to show the image of an advanced, open and generous land such as the Basque Country".

    "From the Basque Government we have expressed our pride for the distinction achieved by Osakidetza and its professionals. Obviously, competing and winning prizes is always comforting. In addition, when these awards are the result of a long-term vision, solid values ​​and culture, and years of work to improve and be more efficient and competitive, they are better", Sailburu Artolazabal highlighted.


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