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Beatriz Artolazabal: "the disappearance of gender differences in the care of children will have a positive impact on the promotion of Families and Children"

2018 February 9

Conference dedicated to the "Strategy of investment in Families and Children of the Basque Country" in Bilbao

• The "IV Plan to Support Families and Children" will be released this coming spring

• "Family policies are based on co-responsibility and conciliation"


Bilbao, 09 02 18

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Ms. Beatriz Artolazabal, believes that "the disappearance of gender differences in the care of children will have a positive impact on the promotion of families and children". Artolazabal participated this morning in a seminar dedicated to the "Strategy of investment in families and children of the Basque Country (Euskadi in basque language)" that takes place in the Bizkaia Aretoa (Forum Palace), Bilbao.

At the meeting, in addition to Ms. Beatriz Artolazabal, the Vice-Minister Ms. Lide Amilibia, Ms. Olga Cantó from the University of Alcalá, Mr. Lucas Gortázar, spoke. From the University of the Basque Country, Ms. Irene Lapuerta from the Public University of Navarra, Mr. Jordi Longas from the Ramon Llull University, Ms. Claire Billard Director of Children and Family of the Department of the Atlantic Pyrenees, Ms. Paola Parravano from the Departmental Observatory of Child Protection, Ms. Maite Larrañaga of the Haurreskolak Consortium, Mr. Enrique Arranz of the EHU UPV, Mr. Ernesto Sainz Lanchares, Director of Family and Diversity of the Basque Government and Ms. Dolores García of the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

 According to the Minister Artolazabal "there is a direct relationship between the birth deficit and the persistence of gender inequalities, especially in regard to the responsibility in the upbringing of children and the structuring of social times since the distribution of the domestic tasks among the people employed in the Basque Country is unequal".

 "In 2015, women who work outside the home spent 4.5 hours a day caring for children under the age of 15, while men only 2.9 hours a day. 14.9% of employed women are not satisfied with the involvement of their partner in domestic tasks. On the contrary, a large majority of employed men (70.4%), are very satisfied with the involvement of their partner" recalled Minister Artolazabal to remember the need to insist on family policies based on co-responsibility and the conciliation.

 Social and demographic policies

"What has been discussed in this day is of the utmost importance and transcendence for our land and for the entire European Union. In the same sense, the Basque Government's program states that the Basque Country, like a large part of European society, has the challenge of developing social and demographic policies that face the progressive aging of society and the need to promote births" Ms Artolazabal said.

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