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The 27 selected start-ups and 24 industrial companies to drive 40 new projects in the II BIND 4.0 programme 18 December 2017

2017 December 18
  • The II BIND 4.0 acceleration programme led by the Basque Government and 27 top-tier industrial companies of the Basque Country will start on 12 January 2018
  • There second edition has attracted double the number of participating start-ups and the number of approved projects.
  • 16 start-ups from the Basque Country  (5 from Bizkaia, 5 from Gipuzkoa and 6 from Álava), 7 from the rest of the Spanish State (2 Madrid, 1 Barcelona, 1 Navarra, 1 Cantabria, 1 Galicia, 1 Valencia) and 4 from other countries (Germany, Portugal, Norway and Canada).
  • BIND 4.0, the first accelerator worldwide that guarantees access for the start-ups to top-tier industrial customers, is thus further establishing itself as a powerful open innovation platform that fosters the development of start-ups in the Basque industrial ecosystem and contributes to the digital transformation of industrial companies.

The II BIND 4.0 programme, the Basque public-private start-up accelerator in the sphere of Industry 4.0, has completed its selection process. This time, the partner companies have selected a total of 27 start-ups in order to scale up a total of 40 projects, which is an increase of 150% on the previous programme.

The list of selected start-ups is Alteria Automation S.L.; Atten2 Advanced Monitoring Technologies; Cin Advanced Systems S.L.; Countercraft; Dative Partners S.L.; Enigmedia; Flything Technologies S.L..; Globe Testing; Heptasense; Karten Space; Keynetic Technologies; Limmat Group; Lis-solutions; Meslider Gestión de Operaciones; Mizar Additive Manufacturing S.L.U.; Nanocnet; Naotech Solutions; Obuu Tech; Optimitive Data Analysis; Optimus 3D, S.L.; Relyum by Soc-e; Skootik Mobile Technologies; Solid Virtual Spain S.L.U.; Stockare RFID Solutions; Tedcas; Wearhealth and Zolertia.

Sixteen of the 27 start-ups are from the Basque Country, 7 from the Spanish State, 3 from Europe and 1 from America and they will take part in a comprehensive acceleration programme, which will start in January next year and last 6 months.

The participating start-ups have been selected by 24 industrial companies and they have agreed to scale up a total of 40 projects.

Technologies 4.0 fields

The partnership areas on which those innovative projects are based come under the different technological fields linked to Industry 4.0: Internet of Things (11), Cybersecurity (6), Artificial vision (5), Augmented reality / virtual reality (5), Big Data (5), additive manufacturing (4), sign recognition systems  (1), nano-satellites (1) and new materials (1).

The BIND 4.0 programme likewise has a powerful support service pathway, which includes specific training to develop commercial skills in industrial settings, high impact mentoring with a team of first-rate mentors, technological workshops with leading international figures, networking sessions with top companies and stakeholders of the Basque industrial ecosystem and  access to financing. In turn, the programme has the backing of four major technological partners: Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Siemens.

A successful call that shows the potential of the accelerator and of the selected start-ups thanks to the involvement of top-tier industrial companies

A total of 385 start-ups, from 57 countries, have submitted innovative initiatives coming up with technologically advanced solutions for potential improvements to processes, services and products of large Basque industrial companies.

The strong involvement of internationally renowned Basque companies has been one of the key factors of the positioning and attraction of the programme. The 2016 partners -  ABB, CAF, CIE Automotive, Danobat Group, Euskaltel, Fagor Ederlan, Grupo Maier, Grupo Alcor, Grupo Ulma, Iberdrola, ITP, Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, Michelin, NEM Solutions and Repsol-Petronor, have been joined by 12 new companies - Aernnova, Alegría Activity,

Arcelor Mittal, Batz, Bridgestone, Cikautxo, Elay, Grupo Elecnor, Gestamp, RPK, Sener and  Sidenor -, meaning there is a total of 27 companies driving the programme.

The 27 partner companies were actively involved in the  BIND 4.0 selection programme. During the first phase of the progress, the programme team selected the 82 starts-ups with the greatest potential from the 385  entries from around the world. The shortlisted start-ups were from 24 different countries and they had the opportunity to present their solutions to the industrial companies during the 5 pitching days in October this year. The companies then selected the 50 finalists and then studied further and considered the potential of working on a joint project. During this phase, the start-ups and companies had the opportunity to meet and interact at the Basque Industry 4.0 event on 22 November. Finally, the 27 start-ups that have reached specific agreements with at least one of the partner companies will be the ones taking part in the acceleration programme from January onwards.

BIND 4.0: penetration of the start-ups in a high dimension industry

Bind 4.0 is a 24-week acceleration programme where the start-ups, apart from scaling up a remunerated project with one of the industrial partners, have a intensive support services programme and activities.

BIND 4.0 has a twofold objective: From the point of view of the start-ups, apart from the standard services offered by any accelerator (work spaces, training, mentoring, subsidies, financing, etc.), BIND 4.0 allows start-ups to begin to work, in a customer-supplier format (with a remunerated contract), with one or more of the programme partners.

From the point of view of the partner companies, the programmes offers them the opportunity to discover the most innovative start-ups of Industry 4.0 worldwide, so that they can contract their talent, technology and/or solutions, in order to improve the competitiveness of their company.

The Basque Country, a benchmark in advanced and technological entrepreneurship

BIND 4.0 is a nation-building strategic commitment that seeks to place the Basque Country on the world map of advanced entrepreneurship. The Basque Business Agency (SPRI) coordinates this programme for the Ministry of Economic Development and Infrastructures of the Basque Government, in conjunction with the BIC-Company and Innovation Centres and the Provincial Councils. BIND 4.0 stands out from other start-up accelerators due to its private-public nature and is, furthermore, the first accelerator worldwide that guarantees the start-ups access to top-tier industrial customers.

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