An appointment with Basque Global Network at the 'Azoka' of Durango

2017 December 14

Publishers, distributors, record labels, institutions and cultural agents participated from December 6 to 10 in Durangoko Azoka (The Basque Book and Record Fair of Durango), the largest showcase of Basque culture, which has celebrated its 52nd anniversary under the slogan "Sormenaren lurraldea da" (it is the territory of creation). The fair has had 240 stands, including the novelty of this year, that has been the Basque Global Network, the global Basque social network on the Internet.

Basque Global Network (BGN) is a social network whose aim is to connect the global Basque community:

- Basque people who live or work outside of the Basque Country.

- Basque people who live in the Basque Country and have an international outlook.

- All those with an affinity for Basque culture and traditions.

- Professionals from any sector that want to make new contacts.

Via BGN, you can exchange ideas, share documents or multimedia content and stay up to the date with all the latest news from the Basque Country.

You can also create and participate in groups on various topics, promoting communication and the use of Basque.

Go to or download the app and open to the world!

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Politicians attending the event
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