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Minister Beatriz Artolazabal highlights "the potential offered by Gipuzkoa and the Euroregion in the design and development of new jobs related to the sea"

2017 November 13

• Has participated in the Gazte Up Day dedicated to youth employment at the St Sebastian-Aquarium

• A group of students has discussed various issues related to youth employment
• "There is your opportunity to join and lead a social transformation for the well-being of all people"

DSS 2017 11 13

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, highlighted this morning in Donostia-St Sebastian "the potential offered by Gipuzkoa and the coastal area of ​​the Euroregion in the design and development of new jobs related to the sea". Artolazabal has participated in the Gazte Up Day dedicated to youth employment held at the St Sebastian-Aquarium.

"This coast, Biscay bay, of our European region is the scenario of the need and impulse of new jobs in activities and professions related to the sea, such as alternative energy sources from the sea -mother-wave and wave-or aquaculture. There is a need for experts in the marine environment, here and throughout the Union, and there is even a need for professionals to study marine litter and how to eliminate them "commented the Minister Artolazabal.

Along with Iñigo Kortabitarte director of innovation and development of DV and moderator of the act, Artolazabal has addressed a large group of students in the auditorium of the Aquarium in which various issues related to youth employment are discussed.

Mrs Esther Irigaray Aquarium Director, Mr Marcos Muro, Deputy Minister of Employment and Youth, Mrs Amaia Arteaga Director of Employment and Inclusion, Mrs Ana Díaz, responsible for the social innovation area of ​​Novia Salcedo; Mrs Lourdes Pérez, editor of El Diario Vasco, participates in the conference. Mrs Ainhoa ​​Gómez Beltrán has entitled his speech "The best way to predict the future is to create it"; Mr Iñaki Ortega, director of Deusto Business School in Madrid, has referred to "The new employment of the Millenials"; Mr Javier Echave, director of Batea Consultores, has referred to "Work ... find me or find me"; Mr Jorge Guelbenzu, general director of Infoempleo has presented the "Keys to finding employment on the Internet"; Mr Paul San Sebastián Dtr Sabbatic, Mrs Inge Gorostiaga, from the IREKIN project - Docente Emprende! in TKNIKA and Mr Borja Cembrero, general director of Naiz, they have intervened throughout the morning in the Conference.

"Precisely this Aquarium, together with the EHU-UPV, the Universities of Southampton, Bordeaux, Liege and Azti, teaches every year a European Master in Environment and Marine Resources (Erasmus Mundus). It is a potential that Gipuzkoa has and, with this Territory, all Euskadi. But there are more work fields. Encourage them to explore them, calculate well what they will give of themselves, what will be the future and what are you worth" has recommended Artolazabal to the young participants in the meeting.

"The commitment of the Basque Government to employment is a priority. We want more employment for all people and, above all, for those who launch for the first time into labor markets and those who undertake a business or entrepreneurial initiative. And we propose better employment so that all the jobs register quality and fair remunerations to those who perform them, from the moment in which your work serves for the development of the company "has detailed the Minister.

According to Beatriz Artolazabal, "young people are sometimes relegated to the lower positions of the labor ladder, taking into account the conditions of apprentices, trainees, lacking experience and the like, despite your excellent preparations. We have experienced this situation almost everyone. It is true that the greatest work skills are achieved based on experience with other people who participate in that same area of ​​work or company”.

"The Basque society must open more access to employment for you who are going to develop new social and coexistence forms, more inclusive and solidary, more rational and with a sustainable vision of the future. Our society has become "more senior" than it would be appropriate and that is where your opportunity is to join them and to lead a social transformation for the well-being of all people" noted Artolazabal.

Minister Artolazabal has indicated that "from the Basque Government we promote a strong impulse to youth entrepreneurship and we want the youngest and most prepared, those who have clear ideas and who intuit or see where the activities can go, develop their projects. If you have to go out to learn more, to improve languages ​​or to carry out work practices, do it: it is good and desirable. But always with an eye on this land where our companies and social fabric have to take advantage of them ".

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