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Minister Artolazabal: "society has to create conditions that favor youth emancipation in which employment plays a fundamental role"

2017 September 27

The basque Minister of Employment and Social Policy has spoken at the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao on a Conference dedicated to "New challenges and opportunities in youth employment"

• Since 2013 the number of unemployed young people in the European Union has fallen by 1.6 million and the number of young people who neither study nor work has decreased by 900,000

• "A clear and urgent objective is the reduction of youth unemployment and access to a decent first job, fair and with the highest possible quality"

• The Basque Government develops the programs 'Transition from the Educational World to the Workplace' and 'Youth Entrepreneurship'

• "Euskadi and Europe must be based on that young potential that will guarantee a balanced, solidary and sustainable development"

• "We are creating favorable conditions for employment and programs that facilitate the development of skills for access, retention and employment opportunities for young people."

Bilbao 27 09 17

The Minister for Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal, considers fundamental “youth participation in society and generate opportunities for their emancipation and therefore we are creating favorable conditions for employment with programs that facilitate the development of skills for access, permanence and the construction of labor trajectories for young people; a shared bet among institutions, business world and social organizations".


Beatriz Artolazabal has participated in the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao (Biscay-Basque Country), in a Conference dedicated to the "New challenges and opportunities in youth employment" with José Ángel Corres President of the Chamber, Xabier Otxandiano. Joaquín Nieto, Director of the ILO Office, Ander Añibarro Youth Director of the Basque Government, Antonio Vargas GOOGLE Public Policy Manager, Itxaso Larrañaga SEUR Director of People and CSR, Pedro Biúrrun Deputy Director of Expansion and Andrés Menéndez Regional Director of the Northern Zone of Randstad.


According to Artolazabal "youth is one of the greatest values ​​we have as a Basque Country, in our present and for our future. If we want to progress as a people and develop as a society, we have to bet clearly and decisively on the young people counting on them and offering them futures and alternatives".


Minister Artolazabal commented that "young people are a group especially permeable to change and social transformations that have great impact on their living conditions, values ​​and attitudes. They are also the basis of any advance and social transformation. As part of the commitment of the Department of Employment and Social Policies, our objective is the generation of job opportunities for young people, which are opportunities for our society".


"President Jean-Claude Juncker constantly poses the redefinition of a more modern and more social Europe based on his Youth". stressed Beatriz Artolazabal. "The fight against youth unemployment is a top priority for the European Union. The promotion of employment and social policies is a matter of common interest, shared by all States and Countries, as is our case. The Commission supports these efforts through a series of policies and actions such as the Youth Guarantee and the Youth Employment Initiative. "

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Politicians attending the event
(XI term 2016 - 2020)
Other guests
  • José Ángel Corres. Joaquín Nieto. Antonio Vargas. Pedro Biurrun