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Young Basque volunteers promote playful and social activities among the children of Peru

2017 July 31

• In Lurigancho stimulate motor skills of girls and boys from 3 to 5 years

• "We have to adapt to different environments and work situations"

• Cooperating Basque Youth, promoted by the youth department of the Department of Employment and Social Affairs of the Basque Government


Lurigancho, Peru, 2017 08 31

The Basque Cooperative Youth missions organized by the Basque Government carry out their activities normally in various parts of Central and South America, Africa and Asia. They are tasks related to children, the elderly, the environment and social services. Bea, Lain, Miren and Maitane are some of the components of these expeditions that these days promote playful and social activities among the children of the locality of Lurigancho, Peru. They stimulate that childhood in skills for girls and boys from 3 to 5 years.


"We adapt to different environments and work situations," explains Maitane Erauzkin, a member of the Basque Cooperating Youth, promoted by the Youth Department of the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government. The teaching of environmental conservation and sustainability is added to the task of promoting children.


100 young Basques participate this summer in development cooperation tasks in Central America, Asia, South America and Africa. The Cooperative Basque Youth program turns 25 years old. Its aim is to raise awareness among young people in the Basque Country.


Among other destinations are Cochabamba, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, San Ignacio de los Moxos, Pereira, Floridablanca, Medellin, Manta, Quito, Cebu, San Lucas Toliman, Chimaltenango, Jutiapa, Burdwan, Bishrail, Mumbai, Kisumu, Chacahua, Oaxaca Of Juárez, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Tenejapa, Chiapas, Maputo; Macia, Manica, Masaya, Puerto Cabezas and Waspam, Cusco, Huancayo, Lima, Lurigancho, Ayacucho, Cuzco, Piura, Tacna, Cutervo, Lurigancho, Collique, Collique, Yungay, Huancayo, Santo Domingo, Kebemer, Longa and Fanaye regions.


The 100 selected individuals have been selected by a tribunal of the Basque NGDOs. They have information and guidance on development cooperation projects in which they will integrate during their experience as cooperators. The expenses of the program are borne by the Basque Government and its direction of Youth, Department of Employment and Social Policies, and the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation.

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