45 experts from seven European regions exchange experiences in Bilbao to enhance biodiversity and environmental conservation

2017 June 14
  • The Historical Archive of Euskadi hosts the Interregional BID-REX Seminar: From data on biodiversity to decision-making. Matching information to needs.
  • The Vice-Minister for the Environment, Elena Moreno, inaugurates the meeting, which will last on 14 and 15 June.

Creating adequate policies to protect natural areas and biodiversity requires the adequate mobilisation of consistent, relevant and structured biodiversity information aimed at guiding decision-making. BID-REX aims to enhance natural value preservation through improved regional development policies by creating/reinforcing the link between relevant biodiversity data and conservation decision-making processes. More specifically, it aims to facilitate the use of biodiversity information and increase the impact of ERDF allocation in the preservation of the European natural heritage by providing decision-making processes with appropriate biodiversity information.

BID-REX is based on an interactive interregional learning process to facilitate the exchange of approaches, tools and methods that have proven useful in bridging the gap between information availability and decisions related to nature conservation . More specifically, the work plan is designed to enable a locally and interregional learning process planned logically and organized around more extensive conferences, seminars and visits to explore and exchange best practices.

The first interregional seminar, held in Wallonia in February, addressed the issue of information needs for decision-making and identified strengths and weaknesses in this area. This second interregional seminar, organized by the Department of the Environment of the Basque Government, will focus on analyzing how information can help to satisfy the needs identified and whether the information we currently generate responds to those needs. The starting point is the weaknesses and strengths and improvement proposals identified in the first workshop.

Representatives of key stakeholders will exchange experiences and points of view on how information on the environment and biodiversity are generated in different contexts, from citizen scientific platforms to research environments. The way information is collected, maintained and validated will be analyzed and successful experiences exchanged that will serve as a basis for new developments in other regions.

June 16th will be the meeting of the Steering Committee in the Ekoetxea of Torre Madariaga (Busturia) followed by a scientific visit in Urdaibai, Natura 2000 protected site, Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar wetland of international importance.

The European BID-REX project

BID-REX is a European project funded by the Interreg Europe program, with a duration of 5 years (April 2016-March 2021). Together with the Basque Government there are 6 other European regions - Catalonia, Norfolk County (United Kingdom), Region Marche (Italy) Ljubljana Marsh (Slovenia), Great Northern Plain Region (Hungary) and Wallonia (Belgium). This initiative has also been included in the deployment of the "White Paper on Democracy and Citizen Participation for Euskadi", an official document according to which the Basque Government wants to advance its commitment to the values of good governance: transparency, citizen participation In decision-making, active advertising, accountability, etc. It has the technical support of Innobasque, with wide experience in social innovation, understood as shared creation of public and social value through co-responsibility.


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