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The perception of the risk of becoming unemployed or of job instability among young working people is decreasing

2017 March 24


  • The Basque Youth Observatory is presenting the 4th edition of Aurrera Begira. Youth expectation indicators
  • Research: Aurrera Begira. Indicadores de expectativas juveniles (Youth expectation indicators). Available in Spanish (pdf, 2 Mb) and Basque language (pdf, 2 Mb)
  • Abstract. Available in Spanish (pdf, 740 kb) and Basque language (pdf, 761 kb)


Aurrera Begira is a research project conducted each year by the Basque Youth Observatory that intends to understand how Basque youth perceive the present and what their short term expectations are. The research is based on a telephone survey of a representative sample of Basque youth. The field work was carried out in November 2016 by means of a survey answered by 1512 young people aged 15 to 29 years.

The results are based on 10 indicators:

The first three indicators focus on the assessment of the present moment from various personal and group points of view:

  1. Valuation index of the present moment
  2. Personal satisfaction index
  3. Balance of vital aspects

Then, four indicators that focused on job prospects were studied:

  1. Risk of job loss or instability
  2. Employment expectations
  3. Expectation of education-job match
  4. Expectation of forced migration

Indicator number 8 refers to residential independence:

  1. Expectation of failed emancipation

Finally, two indicators focused on expectations for the future:

  1. Confidence index regarding the skills of young people
  2. Confidence index regarding the future

Aurrera Begira 2016 concludes that Basque youth see the present moment in a positive light and are confident in the future. The risk of becoming unemployed or of job instability among workers is falling and the employment expectations for people in education are improving. Despite the fact that the expectation of employment has not improved substantially for those who are unemployed, the expectation of forced migration has fallen slightly among young people as a whole.

According to the conclusions reached regarding the importance granted to ten youth-related issues and their personal satisfaction concerning each one of them, employment remains a priority issue.


The following aspects can be consulted in the Aurrera Begira 2016 report:

  • The results of the 10 indicators in 2016 disaggregated by sex, age groups and province of residence.
  • The evolution of the 10 indicators disaggregated by sex, age groups and province of residence.
  • Methodological information on how each indicator was calculated.
  • The responses to all the questions in the survey that have served as the basis to prepare the indicators, also disaggregated by sex, age groups and province of residence.

There is also available a presentation with the main results of the 10 indicators and their evolution.




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