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Minister Ángel Toña meets an austrian delegation in Bilbao to discuss the future challenges of employment

2016 November 17

The minister for Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Ángel Toña, and his counterpart from the Austrian region of Estiria, Doris Kampus, have met today in Bilbao to exchange information on the management of the employment policies that are developed in both regions. The agenda of the Austrian delegation also includes a visit to the Alto Deba region tomorrow to learn first-hand about the Basque cooperativist movement and to meet with executives from the Mondragón Corporation.

At the meeting, Minister Toña plans has analyzed with the Austrian delegation the main challenges that the Basque Government faces regarding the jobs market, employment and social policies, and which are part of the content of the Basque Employment Strategy 2020 (EVE 2020) approved by the Executive last July.

The EVE 2020 is a document agreed upon with Basque social agents that establishes guidelines for employment policies in the Basque Country over the next few years. The document consists of six broad lines of action to promote employment:

  1. Activation. To increase the current low rate of activity and alleviate the risk of an insufficient active population to face the demand of companies and of sufficient numbers of people in work to support our welfare state.
  2. Qualifications and skills. To achieve skills adapted to the real needs of the productive fabric, taking into account technical knowledge, as well as social skills, language skills…
  3. Creation of opportunities. To create opportunities based on economic development and to take full advantage of the potential to create employment in our economy.
  4. Equal opportunities. To achieve an inclusive jobs market that offers equal opportunities to all the collectives and groups that are part of it.
  5. Quality employment. To achieve a jobs market that offers high quality employment.
  6. An effective and efficient Basque Employment System that provides valuable services. To improve the current Basque Employment System, in such a way that it integrates all the policies that have an impact on employment and which offers services that are more oriented towards the needs of people and companies.
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