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Environment: the Basque Country leads the work of the European Regions on circular economy in Carinthia, Austria

2016 September 23


• “Regions, taking steps for climate change”, slogan of the 12th Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (ENCORE) in Carinthia, Austria

  • ENCORE, gathered today in Klagenfurt, is preparing for next year a work group with the title “Sharing problems, sharing solutions” coordinated by the Basque Country
  • At the youth session, YouthCore 2016, three participants – Miren Ioar de Guzmán, Germán Velayos and Ion Cereceda – spoke out in favour of “action more strongly committed to protecting nature”


                                          Klagenfurt, Austria 23 09 16

Claus Kumutat, President of the Bavarian Environment Agency, highlighted this morning at the 12th Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (ENCORE) in Klagenfurt, Carinthia region, Austria “the importance of the document on circular economy led by the Basque Country” which calls for “a shift of mentality in citizens, companies and institutions towards an economic model where nothing is thrown away and everything is made use of, converting waste into a resource”. The Basque Government proposition will be presented this afternoon to heads of institutions, professionals and technical staff by Iñaki Susaeta.


For their part, the young people participating in the ENCORE meeting implored the regional ministers of the environment gathered in Carinthia to become “heroes” in the fight against climate change and for green economy”. Among them are the Basques Miren Ioar de Guzmán, Germán Velayos Gainza and Ion Cereceda. They also called for collective, cheaper transport to reduce polluting gas emissions.


Rolf Holub, ENCORE co-President and Carinthia Regional Minister of the Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Public Transport, had the task of opening the meeting at which the Basque Government joined the other European regions to analyse alliances on climate change and green economy, and also to collaborate in and manage the collection of Best Case Studies from the different ENCORE Alliance 4 regions dedicated to waste management (Cradle to Cradle and Waste Management).


ENCORE is a forum for ministers of the environment and relevant leaders from European regions to take decisions on environmental and sustainable development issues, contributing to the effective application of EU environmental policy in order to achieve improved environmental governance and encourage sustainable development in their regions.     

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