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The Basque Government confirms the advisability of focusing on the South-African market and opening up business channels for Basque companies

2016 May 26
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  • This morning, Minister Arantxa Tapia visited the Gestamp GRI RI production plant located in Cape Town.
  • The companies of the Basque renewable energy sector have been working closely with the main energy managers in SA.

At the end of an intense 5-day schedule, the Basque Government delegation headed by Minister Tapia visited the Gestamp GRI Renewable Industries production plant in South Africa, which manufactures towers and flanges for the wind power sector.

During the visit, the minister took stock of the trade union, both from an institutional and business perspective. *

Tapia stressed that indeed, “we have seen in situ that the South-African market has many opportunities for Basque companies and that we are more at the fore among  the local institutions, which already had some references about the Basque Country, particularly about the cooperatives and the Business Training model.”

“There are opportunities, we have made very small inroads and therefore, much work remains to be done. This has been an initial step and, henceforth, we will closely follow the progress being made by the companies themselves".

GRI Renewable Industries, Basque production in South Africa

GRI RI is making its mark as a strong company in the wind power industrial sector with a total of 12 factories and  which is present in 7 countries: Spain, Brazil, India, China, the USA, Turkey and South Africa..

In 2104, GRI opened the pant that the Basque Government delegation, including its CEO, Javier Imaz, visited this morning.

It is a leading wind power turbine manufacturer and includes the whole production process in the manufacturing.  Apart from manufacturing towers, it also ensures that each is adapted to the needs of each customer that allows them to provide an efficient and global supply.

Taking stock of the Mission

As it is a new marked, the Basque Country has focused this mission on the niche offering the greatest opportunity, which is energy, mainly renewable energies, and some Oil & Gas.

The Basque Government and the companies have held meetings with the main stakeholders of the sector, with both the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Trade and Energy, along with the entities, including IPP Unit, ESKOM and SASOL, tasked with overseeing the main policies and tendering processes.

The energy opportunities are down to the energy supply problems in the country which means that their network infrastructures need to be improved, and to the excessive carbon-based energy use, meaning that the country needs to advance quickly to a more efficient model from the environmental perspective. 

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