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The Lehendakari encourages businesspeople to “look to the East” within their process of internationalisation

2010 September 28

Mr López has referred to the joint commitment of businesses and the Basque Government in this Basque mission to Shanghai as a "national offer"

The second day of the institutional and trade mission in Shanghai led by the Lehendakari, Patxi López, concluded with an official reception for the representatives of the more than 70 Basque companies hoping to create a business space in China, as well as representatives of the companies already established in the country and their Chinese clients. The Lehendakari expressed his gratitude for the efforts being made to "bring our national offer to China." "The first impression that we have gained from this visit is of the enormous potential of this country, and the benefits that establishing ourselves as a long-term, trusted ally of China would bring to the Basque Country as a whole," Mr López said.

More than 300 guests filled one of the main function rooms of the Mélia Hotel in Shanghai on the occasion of the official reception offered last night by the Basque Government to the businesspeople involved in the latest Basque venture in China, along with representatives and clients of the businesses already established in the Asian giant. The Lehendakari wished to thank those working hard to bring "the business model of the Basque Country", based on "ethics" and "keeping our word", to China. "We have not simply brought a handful of businesses and institutions here to take advantage of the benefits of travelling in a group; rather, we are here as representatives of the Basque Country to make a national offer to China", he reiterated.

The Lehendakari, Patxi López, presided over the official reception, which was attended by 300 guests including representatives of the 70 companies that make up the business delegation of this trade mission, representatives of chambers of commerce and the Mondragón group and the chefs and designers who are contributing their creative talents to Basque Week within the Shanghai Expo and the Gastronomical Week that will be held in the Hotel Mélia.

Addressing the businesspeople in attendance during his speech, the Lehendakari expressed the necessity of "looking to the East" within the internationalization process of Basque businesses, with a view to reaping "the benefits which will result from establishing the Basque Country as a long-term, trusted ally of China." He added: "We are very interested in being present here, as relations with businesses in other countries are essential to improving our competitiveness, knowledge, and experience."

Mr López insisted on reinventing the famous R&D+i, converting it into a "3 R+D", "working within a global vision, reaching out to compete in foreign markets, as well as importing and attracting investment to the Basque Country as a means of generating wealth and employment."

In order to achieve this objective, the Lehendakari is committed to contributing "added value" to the national offer presented by the Basque Country in China, a national vision that underpins all actions, characterised by ethics in business, "seriousness of commitments", "a resolution to keep our word and comply with the contract signed", and "confidence" in the workforce. "In this manner we will gain the confidence of our hosts," he stressed.

New Alfa plant

The Alfa group is set to sign the creation of a tooling and machining plant to produce parts for the motor industry in the province of Jiangsu, involving an investment of 3 million euros. The signing of the agreement took place this afternoon, moments before the opening of the official reception on the occasion of Basque Week within the Shanghai Expo. The Lehendakari and the Minister for Industry, Innovation, Tourism and Trade, Bernabé Unda, presided over the signing of the contract governing the creation of a production plant in the area of Wujiang in the Chinese province of Jiangsu to carry out the tooling and machining of precision parts for the motor industry, which will require an investment of 3 million euros. The Alfa group currently comprises 14 companies focusing on three areas of activity: small domestic appliances, manufacturing at the service of the arts and industrial processes.

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