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The Basque Country joins the EV20, the "lobby" spearheading the global introduction of the electric vehicle

2010 September 20

Bernabé Unda was invited to speak at two Climate Week conferences in New York to discuss the Basque Country's electric vehicles and smart networks.

This week, the Basque Government, via the Minister for Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, Bernabé Unda, signed its accession to the EV20 (Electric Vehicle 20), a small group founded with the aim of spearheading the development of electric vehicles at global level. The first meeting held by this "lobby" takes place tomorrow, Monday, in New York.

Members of this group include national and regional governments and companies that lead the way in terms of the introduction of electric vehicles. EV20 members include France's Minister for Industry, Christian Estrosi, Quebec's Minister for Sustainable Development and the Environment, Pierre Arcand, the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation of the State of New York, Pete Grannis, the president of the regional council of Ile de France, Jean-Paul Huchon, the founder of the Israeli company Better Place (pioneer in research into batteries for electric cars), Shai Agassi, managing director of the Renault-Nissan alliance for the development of electric cars, Hideaki Watanabe, and the chairman of PSA Peugeot Citroën, Philippe Varin, along with directors from organizations such as Arup, Ener1, Johnson Controls, TNT, Venturi Automóviles, Amsterdam, London, North Rhine-Westfalia, Queensland and South Australia and President of the Prince Albert of Monaco group.

The Basque Government has been invited to join the EV20 as a result of its ability, as demonstrated over the past few months, to negotiate agreements to foster the ongoing development of electric vehicles in the Basque Country. The resounding impact of the agreements signed with Repsol to promote a network of charging points, and with Mercedes, to build the first electric Vito vans, proved to be the key factor that led to the invitation to join this select international club.

EV20 was founded with the aim of accelerating the global use of electrical vehicles. Over the course of the next few years, 2020 will be established as the deadline for the first stage of the transformation of the automotive market, with particular focus on vehicle fleets, financing mechanisms and public policies to support this method of sustainable transport.

Two round tables

The first EV20 meeting will be held during Climate Week NYC 2010. The aim of this forum, which is being held in New York for the second time, is to mobilise international response to climate change at private and public levels. The forum has been organized by The Climate Group, the United Nations and the City of New York.
Bernabé Unda has been invited to participate in forum conferences on the 20th and 21st of September. Following the opening ceremony on Monday, he will participate in a round table discussing the advances that have been made in electric vehicles. Here, he will present the work carried out to date by the Basque Government and the government's plans for the immediate future in this area.

On Tuesday he is scheduled to participate in another round table on smart electric networks, informing in relation to the steps taken to implement one of the first networks in Spain, a technology that the Basque Government considers to be of "strategic" importance.

  • Industria
    2010 October 25

    En la conferencia se habló sobre la estrategia vasca en el vehículo eléctrico y sobre los dos proyectos concretos en los que participa el Gobierno directamente. El texto aparece en el archivo adjunto. Saludos.

  • 2010 September 21

    ¿se ha comentado en dicho foro la existencia de otros proyectos existentes y en marcha en Euskadi como HIRIKO y el propio de MONDRAGON?

  • Departamento de Industria, Innovación, Comercio y Turismo
    2010 September 20

    Las primeras unidades del modelo Vito eléctrico, que se fabrica en la planta de Mercedes en Vitoria, se pondrá en el mercado a finales de este año. Es una tecnología aún incipiente y necesitará unos años para encontrar su hueco en el mercado, pero es una oportunidad para la industria automovilística vasca y para nuestros centros tecnológicos que debemos aprovechar.

  • 2010 September 19

    Oígo mucho lo del vehículo eléctrico .. pero cuando lo veremos en Euskadi? cuando se verán esos coches por las calles de Euskadi?Suena a ciencia ficción...

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