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Strategic presence of Basque transport and logistics at “Fruit Logistica Berlin”, Europe’s biggest specialised transport fair.

2016 January 29
  • The Basque Country Logistics stand in the German capital will present the intermodal possibilities offered by the ports of Bilbao and Pasaia combined with the Basque airports, railway stations and platforms in Southwest Europe
  • From 3-5February, with more than 65,000 professional visitors from 135 countries


More than 65,000 professional visitors from 135 countries will visit, from February 3rd in Berlin, the Fruit Logistica fair, Europe’s biggest gathering of European transport specialising in the fresh produce industry. The Basque Country Logistics stand will present the intermodal offer of the ports of Bilbao and Pasaia, added to the Basque roads and motorways, airports, railway lines and logistics platforms when transporting products from Spain and North Africa to inland Europe and other continents. 

As detailed by the Basque Government Deputy Minister of Transport, Antonio Aiz, “the presence of the Basque offer, by both the administrations and companies, is essential at these gatherings configuring new market trends, particularly as regards transport and logistics. Our Country offers a magnificent geographical point of entry to inland Spain, right on the Atlantic corridor, and with the added advantage of our enormous intermodal capacity combining roads, ports, railways, airports, logistics platforms and a top-notch technology industry”. 

At the Basque Country Logistics stand, professional meetings will be held to offer the Basque capacity and operational ability in the world of transport and logistics. At the fair, the 35th edition of the Fresh Produce Forum will open the programme of events at FRUIT LOGISTICA on February 2nd, the day before the start of the fresh produce industry’s leading international fair. Attention will focus on “Climate change – The challenges for global production and procurement”. 

“Said issue will also affect this type of produce: climate zones are changing, which affects crop cycles and production in all areas. For the fresh produce industry this means fundamental changes in world supplies”, said Aiz. 

The climatologists Benjamin Leon Bodirsky and Susanne Rolinski, from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, will explain how these changes will affect the fresh produce industry and retail trade. Stewart Collis, from the company aWhere, will provide meteorological and agricultural data, Thomas Averhoff, from UNIVEG Germany, and Alfredo Miralles, from the Spanish producer Uvasdoce, will give a detailed explanation of what these changes have meant as regards production, commercialisation and, finally, consumers.   

The professional public attending FRUIT LOGISTICA is characterised by being eminently international, highly skilled, and by their business decision-making power. The percentage of foreign professionals rose last year to 84%. The majority of visitors come from Europe (75.6%), America (9.8%), Africa (6.5%), the Near and Middle East (3.8%), Asia (3.2%) and Oceania (1.1%).  FRUIT LOGISTICA is organised by Messe Berlin GmbH in cooperation with Fruchthandel Magazin (Düsseldorf).


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