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The Basque Country at the Paris COP21: The world is watching

2015 November 12

Tomorrow, Friday 13th, several acts taking place simultaneously all over the world will raise awareness on the need to take action against climate change

  • Minister Oregi will participate on the 4th in an act taking place in Paris with Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Michael R. Bloomberg


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Organised by The Climate Reality Project, tomorrow, November 13th, different acts taking place all over the world, under the title Live Earth: The World is Watching”, will remind the men and women world leaders of the need to take action against climate change. This is one of the actions preceding the COP 21 summit on climate change to take place from November 13th to December 11th in Paris, and in which the Basque Government will participate.


The cities organising awareness events tomorrow are: Cape Town; Rio de Janeiro; Miami; Calgary; Sydney; Manila; Beijing and New Delhi.


The presence of the Basque Country at the Paris COP 21 will include an important rendezvous at the Paris City Hall alongside countries, regions and municipalities. Minister Ana Oregi will head the Basque delegation. “After 20 years of negotiations a new international agreement and commitment can now take shape to prevent global temperature from rising by more than two degrees this century, and to succeed, we must all do our bit to reduce greenhouse effect gas emissions. The part of the regions in these decisions is fundamental” said the head of environmental matters in the Basque Country.

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