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The Lehendakari classifies the meeting between the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) and left-wing Abertzale nationalists as a “political error”

2010 July 29

López believes that the meeting affords "protagonism" to the left-wing Abertzale nationalists, whilst they have failed "to demonstrate anything at all"

The subject of the current situation within Basque politics has become the focus of attention for a few minutes during the official visit of the Lehendakari to the U.S.A. When questioned by Basque journalists accompanying him to provide coverage of the official visit, Patxí López has defined the PNV's decision to accept the left-wing Abertzale nationalists' invitation to hold a meeting as a "political error." "I believe it is an error when they continue to maintain the same positions, they have yet to take the definitive step that everyone is waiting for: to break with violence and work to ensure the disappearance of the terrorism of ETA in the Basque Country. I believe that it is a political error, but nothing more," he added.

The Lehendakari, Patxi López, has accused the PNV of committing a "political error" upon accepting the left-wing Abertzale nationalists' invitation to hold a meeting in the near future. The Lehendakari believes that nothing has changed within the left-wing Abertzale nationalists' world and there are no actions "that might guarantee with certainty that this world has renounced violence." In statements made in San Francisco before journalists accompanying him on his official visit to the U.S.A., López has reiterated that the Basque Government "does not follow this line, but rather maintains the same criteria and the same resolve with this world." He criticized the PNV, stating that whilst it is evident that "we are all our own masters and the PNV is free to do as it pleases," it is an "error to afford protagonism to the world of the left-wing Abertzale nationalists when they have failed to demonstrate anything at all," he added.

During the official visit to the U.S.A., the Lehendakari stopped in San Francisco in order to respond to the questions of accredited journalists.

The Lehendakari reiterated that the left-wing Abertzale nationalists have offered no gestures or "actions that might guarantee with certainty that this world has renounced violence, that they are working towards the disappearance of ETA: to date, this has not taken place," he concluded.


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  • 2010 July 29

    bueno eso que ace el pnv,es de lo mas normal del mundo,siempre jugando con las cartas marcadas,y a ser posible con dos barajas,pero la gente no es tonta,muy buen acer en este viaje señor lehendakari,como todos los que usted a realizado,si no fuera por la crisis,se iban a enterar estos de como se gobierna,un saludo y fuerza para seguir

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