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The OECD draws attention to the achievements of the Basque Government in the development of new technologies

2010 July 28

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published a report on the execution of the Plan Avanza, an initiative of the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Trade that promotes the development of the Information and Knowledge Society in Spain. The document highlights the achievements obtained in recent years in terms of the dissemination and use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), drawing particular attention to the work carried out by the Basque Government in this area.

Amongst these achievements, the OECD highlights the existence of the Open Data Euskadi portal (, a pioneering project that enables information within the public sector to be reused. In addition, the report draws attention to the need to continue to make advances in four key areas, to ensure the comprehensive launch of policies for the reuse of the aforementioned information:

- The promotion of a culture of information exchange within the public sector.

- The need to raise awareness of the potential advantages of Open Government and the reuse of public data.

- The need to ensure that information provided to users is of genuine use and value.

- The need to incorporate such initiatives into global strategies to ensure efficient management and execution.

The report is entitled 'Good Governance for Digital Policies: how to get the most out of ICT. The case of Spain's Plan Avanza' and consists of 152 pages, primarily focused on the promotion of Open Government initiatives. The objective involves increasing confidence, participation and transparency with regards to the public sector via the systematic use of ITC, the Web 2.0 and social networks.

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