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The European Union invites the Basque Country to showcase its Smart Specialisation Strategy in the health field

2015 October 12

European Week of Regions


The European Union has invited the Basque Country, and specifically the Ministry of Health, to showcase its advances in the health field of the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy- RIS3 during the European Week of Regions and Cities.  It will therefore be the only Government taking part in the session on health and ageing.

This year, the European Week is being held in Brussels from 12-15 October, with the aim of highlighting the importance of the regions as partners for investment and growth, by addressing their role in business development, innovation and job creation.

With this aim in mind, the Week’s organisers - the European Commission’s REGIO Directorate General and the Committee of the Regions - are keen to showcase the advances in implementing the Smart Specialisation Strategies-RIS3 in health to achieve a greater impact Europe wide.

Thus, the Director for Health Research and Innovation of the Basque Government's Ministry of Health, María Aguirre, will tomorrow outline in Brussels the main policies and courses of action with potential to be replicated or serve as inspiration in other regions.  This is in response to the Commission’s request to delve into the fields of innovation, care integration and fostering age-friendly environments.

In the words of María Aguirre, “the fact that we have been chosen to showcase the Basque Strategy and advances in this field, is yet a further recognition by the European Union of the Basque Country’s track record in recent years in the field of ageing and health research and innovation to respond to the challenges and generate opportunities”.

The Director for Health Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Health went on to stress that "we are delighted that the European Union continues to positively appreciate our endeavours which have already been recognised by the RegioStars Awards, thanks to our BioBasque strategy to develop biosciences, which was the forerunner of the current Basque smart specialisation strategy in its health-biosciences field, and as a Reference Site as part of the EIP-AHA initiative regarding innovation in health and active ageing”.


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