The Lehendakari stresses the Basque Country's great emphasis on outreach abroad in the meeting with the consular corps

2015 July 9

Urkullu stressed the importance of “Internationalisation" as a cornerstone for growth and recalled the coming milestones of the Basque Country strategy

The Lehendakari, the Basque Premier, today stressed the importance of “internationalisation” as a fundamental cornerstone for the growth and future development of the Basque Country and explained the importance of working together to achieve that goal to the consular corps accredited in the BAC. This was the line taken during the reception that Urkullu hosted for the diplomats at the Ajuria Enea place, where he stressed the high level of activity in external action. “We can also talk about a Basque Country in action as regards the outside world,” he said.

During his speech, the Lehendakari recalled the relevant and coming milestones within the Basque Country strategy, which are aimed at, as he pointed out, “consolidating the image of a reliable and serious Basque Country”.  “We know one another personally, our relationship is constructive and we know that we can count on you to disseminate our true reality. The Basque Country is striving to guarantee stability and aspires to win international confidence in the new global scenario,” the Lehendakari explained during the meeting.

The Lehendakari mentioned a total of seven milestones as part of that strategy. These include the Basque Country being present at the Paris international summit on climate change, as a member of “The Climate Group” network. The Lehendakari also wanted to mention the signing, just two weeks ago, of the cooperation agreement for the International Campaign for the Youth Employment Decade or the UN recognition for both Emakunde and the Irekia portal.

Urkullu also pointed out that 2014 had been a record year for Basque exports and for tourism in the Basque Country and that the Basque Government continues to expect 2015 could exceed that within the set business internationalisation targets and he here stressed the presentation of the Basque Country 4.0 project as the main economic milestone of the year. He ended by citing the ties with the Basque Diaspora, the mobility and connectivity of the Atlantic Corridor and diplomatic encounters as the main priorities.

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    The Lehendakari stresses the Basque Country's great emphasis on outreach abroad in the meeting with the consul...

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