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The new government of change in the Basque Country creates an embryo of transparency.

2009 August 12

The announcements of transparency and Open Government made by Patxi Lopez during the election campaign have been materialized today, after the inauguration as President of the Basque Government.

The creation of this Web on Politics 2.0 made by and for Basques really opens the management and politics of the new Basque Government to all citizens. Through it, the executive will not only inform about the measures adopted but will also count on the citizens to provide input on these measures.

Likewise, through this tool and due to the personal will of the President of the Basque Government himself, the web will be shaped by the requests and suggestions of the users themselves.

Therefore, it is an embryo and a pilot test that will be built by everyone so that in the near future total transparency can become a sign of identity of the New Government of Change that is born with Patxi Lopez and all of his team.

The objective set by the executive is for everyone to be able to access the web from any device and thus be able to obtain all information that was before inaccessible; likewise, the information can be shared and reused by the citizens as it is considered public information. And of course citizens will be able to participate in the drawing up of information.

With this new tool, the regional ministers as well as the President of the Basque Government himself hope to have a real daily tester of the citizens’ needs and requests, of their specific opinions on the management of each of the different sections and the changes and contributions that they wish to make to the drafts of the different measures the executive is working on before they come into force. All in all the aim is for citizens to become government members, that they are taken into account, because the government of change headed by Patxi Lopez clearly knows that the executive does not work on its own but works together with each and every citizen and governs for all. The origin and future development of this web is based on the search of understanding, participation and transparency.


-This web is built with your participation; you can write your contributions and comments regarding design, structure and running here.

-Everyone can express their view and their views will really be taken into account to draw up the different policies.

-You will be able to access information and data that was not public until now, and it can be shared and reused.

-Languages: The web will first exist in Basque, Spanish and English. The number of languages will increase in accordance with the different language requests. (This web is for everyone and therefore it will be written taking into account gender equality in language).

-The aim is to work towards free software trying to achieve a user-friendly transition and format equality so that it can be run in any device or system and that everyone can participate in the web.

-As far as possible and as they are known and shared, and previously studying its usefulness, all new technology tools and developments will be incorporated.

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