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Urdaibai, selected as a model for strategy and management of Biosphere Reserves in Europe and North America.

2015 May 22
  • EuroMab (Unesco) Conference in Estonia
  • Objectives:conservation of biodiversity and services that provide ecosystems; sustainability; driving science and education and support for mitigation and adaptation to the climate change


Haapsalu/Estonia 22 05 15

The Biosphere Reserves included in EuroMab’s organisation, a dependent of Unesco, have made new progress on the strategic plan wherein Urdaibai is participating as a pilot and model reserve. The Environmental Director of the Basque Government, Amaia Barredo, explained the basis for the management being carried out in the Urdaibai region to preserve its natural environment, all in compatibility with the uses and customs of the populations in the area to her peers from 52 countries and regions.


This is how the Basque Country is participating in the EuroMab Conference being held in Estonia at this time. The strategic plans for European and North American biosphere reserves will be approved at the next biosphere reserve assembly, to be held next year in Lima, Peru.


As explained by Amaia Barredo, “…over the course of these days at this conference, the new MAB programme’s strategy was presented for consultation and implementation. Also to be approved is the new communication plan wherein Urdaibai’s Biosphere reserve actively collaborated, in being selected as one of the three pilot reserves to build and test guidelines for action.”


“The new strategy for the Biosphere Reserves within UNESCO’s programme has its sights set on 2025, built with the vision that people residing in biosphere reserves should work together so that these spaces become more and more healthful,” indicates the Environmental Director of the Basque Government.


The four strategic objectives set forth in Estonia reference conservation of biodiversity and the services provided by ecosystems, fomenting sustainable use of natural resources; contribution to sustainability, an equal and healthful society and a prosperous and human economy; and to drive sustainability through science and education for sustainable development and support for mitigation and adaptation to the climate change.


In Amaia Barredo’s opinion, “the Urdaibai Reserve has contributed to new proposals for the action plan by organising the educational workshop for sustainable development. This is where the good practises being carried out in this regard in Euskadi were presented, such as the Scholar Agenda 21 and its supporting programmes and new projects and programmes being driven through the actions in the PLan recently approved in Urdaibai for training, interpretation, research and education on the reserve.” Also participating in the EuroMab Conference was the Unesco director in the Basque Country, Arantza Atxa and the conservationist of the Urdaiabai Biosphere Reserve, Paula Caviedes.

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    Urdaibai, elegida como modelo para la estrategia y gestión de las Reservas de la de la Biosfera

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    RT @andercaballero: Urdaibai, modelo de estrategia y gestión de Reservas de la Biosfera de Europa y Norteamérica htt…

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    Urdaibai, modelo de estrategia y gestión de Reservas de la Biosfera de Europa y Norteamérica

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