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Inauguration of the final stage of the Zuatzu business park

2010 July 8

Unda highlights the fact that Zuatzu epitomises all the values that the Basque Government wishes to promote

The Minister declares that the Park must continue to grow and urged those involved to continue working in order to achieve this.

The Minister of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism of the Basque Government, Bernabe Unda, took part this morning in the inauguration ceremony of the Zuatzu business park in San Sebastian.

The ceremony was also attended by the president of the provincial council of Guipuzcoa, Markel Olano, the deputy mayor of San Sebastian, Jorge Letamendia and the president of Zuatzu Enpresa Parkea S.A., Jose Manuel Iturrate.

During the inauguration, the minister emphasised the fact that Zuatzu is not the habitual kind of business park but a park conceived in accordance with current thinking, combining a respect for the environment and the most innovating architecture and business systems. The park will be home to sustainable, innovating, creative and high-tech companies that possess all the qualities that the Basque Government wishes to promote.

Unda also remarked that he hopes that, with the policies promoted by the Basque Government to encourage entrepreneurs, the park will be a good opportunity for companies wishing to set up business in Guipuzcoa.

Likewise, he called upon all institutions to extend and develop the park further and to continue creating parks such as Zuatzu.

Zuatzu Business Park

Zuatzu Business Park, of which SPRILUR (a public company set up by the Basque Government), the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Town Hall of Donostia-San Sebastian are shareholders, marks the culmination of a project to create a business park that currently houses 108 companies employing 2800 people. Today, 15,000 additional square metres of buildings were inaugurated to enable companies to continue setting up business and developing their commercial activities.

Today, 15,000 additional square metres (11,446 m² of office space) were inaugurated, involving the construction of three new buildings in this the sixth and last stage of the development, with an investment of 12 million euros.

Zuatzu Parque Empresarial, S.A. was set up in 1990 by SPRILUR, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Town Hall of Donostia-San Sebastian. This project has complied fully with its aim of developing a business infrastructure designed for small companies with a capacity for innovation, giving priority to new, high-tech initiatives with a capacity to generate employment. In a strategic environment due to its unique location, the business park has been developed as a result of a determination to secure the economic development of Guipuzcoa and to generate wealth in this province.

Work began on the first buildings in 1995 and today there are now 16 buildings on the park. Thirteen of these are almost 100% full and are occupied by 108 companies. Most of these are SMEs (of between 20 and 30 workers) with a young staff in which 63% of their employees are aged under 35. For 32% of the workers this is their first job and half of them have university qualifications or have done master's programmes. The proximity of this Business Park to the university area favours the transfer of knowledge and people between the university and the business world.

On the other hand, Zuatzu Business Park also favours the installation of other companies as it offers several plots of industrial land for the introduction of larger scale economic activities. Companies installed on the Park include Bosch Rexroth, S.L. (Goimendi), engaged in the field of industrial automation, Ikor Sistemas Electrónicos, S.A. and Bultz, an industrial supplies wholesaler. Moreover, two new buildings are being built for the PIA-Audiovisual Innovation Pole.

Since business activity began on the Park, there has been a 42% increase in employment. The original idea was for Zuatzu to house small companies with a capacity for innovation and the generation of employment. Today, the companies installed on the park are engaged in a broad array of activities ranging from engineering companies and architecture/design studios to audiovisuals, computing and telecommunications.

The Park covers a total surface area of 140,000 square metres, of which 75,000 have been built on. A total of 66 million euros have been invested since the Park was set up. In order to set up business on Zuatzu, companies can either purchase their offices or opt for a leasing system with a purchase option. The buildings are constructed with top-quality materials and are fitted with the latest communications technologies. The size of the offices varies a great deal in order to adapt to the needs of each client. Moreover, the Park has more than 2096 parking spaces distributed among surface car parks, the car parks corresponding to each of the 16 buildings and a public car park with more than 400 places.

The Park's large number of green areas and gardens create a unique and pleasant environment, fruit of a carefully-designed urban development, perfect for the pursuit of innovating activities.


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