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The Basque Government, the Provincial Councils and Eudel lay the foundations for the future Basque Country Climate Change Strategy

2015 April 23

The Basque Government’s Deputy Ministers for Industry, Javier Zarraonandia, for the Economy and Budgets, Pedro Hernando, and for the Environment, Josean Galera, have opened the Basque Country climate change inter-institutional meeting this morning.  The draft of the Basque Climate Change Strategy, Klima 2050, which is currently in the drafting stage, was presented during the meeting.

“Institutional coordination is a key aspect in order to achieve the climate change targets set and it is the fundamental reason for this inter-institutional meeting,” stressed the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Josean Galera. “The distinguishing feature is that it is co-chaired by three of the Basque Government’s Offices that have been most involved in developing the Basque Climate Change Strategy, and which are: the Environment, Industry and Economy”.

The Basque Climate Change Strategy, Klima 2050, is being prepared using a cross-cutting approach, involving all the Ministries of the Basque Government, the three Provincial Councils and the municipal councils.  Therefore, there has been  great emphasis on input from the different stakeholders involved - the university, technology centres, companies and social entities, along with the authorities -, which are today present at the meeting.

“The Strategy is the instrument that will enable a committed Basque society to be consolidated, which has a low-carbon, competitive and sustainable economy," stressed Pedro Hernando, the Deputy Minister for the Economy and Budget.

 Climate change in the Basque Country

In the words of the Deputy Minister for Industry, Javier Zarraonandia, “it is essential to embrace climate change as an opportunity to improve the efficiency of our companies, in a context of growing international cost competitiveness”:

Even though the Basque Country only represents 0.5% of the European total in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, it has been working since 2000 under the ethical commitment of contributing to the great challenge to keep global warming under 2 ºC.

Thus, at the end of the Basque Plan to Combat Climate Change 2008-2012, work began in 2013 on a strategy to cover a longer period and set the roadmap both to mitigate emissions and to adapt to the effects of climate change. The Basque Country now has the first draft of the future Basque Climate Change Strategy, Klima 2050, whose final approval is expected in June.

“The Strategy is in response to a demand by Basque society. 72% of the public believes that protecting the environment and combating pollution is a pressing and immediate issue.  Climate change is the second environmental problem where there is greatest concern. Six out of every ten people in the Basque Country believe that there should be greater emphasis on the policies to protect the environment, despite the current economic context," stressed the Deputy Minister for the Environment, Josean Galera.

The draft of the Basque Climate Change Strategy, Klima 2050, along with the document on the participatory process for its preparation, is available on the Irekia platform,

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