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Oregi gives details in Bavaria of Basque actions to prevent flooding and ecosystem services in Urdaibai

2015 March 27
  • Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe

 Augsburg-Bavaria 27 03 15

The Basque Minister for the Environment and Regional Policy, Ana Oregi, explained the Basque experience as regards action, prevention and information in cases of floods caused by heavy rain to the group of ministers from European regions and countries gathered this morning at Encore. Alongside the Bavarian State Minister of the Environment and Consumer Protection, Ulrike Scharf and other European regional representatives, Oregi is currently participating in different forums on hydrological management underway in the German city of Augsburg.  

 The countries represented at Encore extend their cooperation to a variety of alliances or work groups, such as those referring to Circular Economy or waste reuse chaired by the Basque Country and Carinthia (Austria), or the one on Ecosystem Services, Landuse and Territorial Planning chaired by the Basque Country. With its contributions on best practices to counteract climate change and actions to deal with river flooding, the Basque Country extends its participation to the group chaired by Bavaria and Utrecht.  

 At the Encore conference, Oregi explained the Application of Ecosystem Services, their concepts and results, developed in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve. Also, with the director of URA, Iñigo Ansola, she commented on Basque action to prevent and deal with floods.

 The Bavarian State Minister, Ulrike Scharf, chaired the meeting attended, among others, by the Mayor of Augsburg, Kurt Gribl, the president of LfU, Klaus Kumutat, Alfons Vogelbacher, Werner Wahliss, Johan Ellmayer, Gabriele Merz and the Augsburg University professor, Juc Jacobeit.   

 Encore is a platform for the regional ministers and political leaders from Europea created in 1993. It promotes political cooperation amongst the regional environmental ministers of the European Union and it contributes to the effective implementation of European environmental policy, improving the environmental governance and the sustainable development of the regions of Europe.

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